Thursday, June 5, 2008

Schools Out!

Yes! Schools out, and what have we been doing?

Well, S had to go to school last week for additional classes, and so I sent Little D to school as well. This week we managed to do some fun activities in addition to the revision that the school has given S.

We went to Lilliputt - an indoor mini golf adventure. Based on the theme of Miniature Singapore, LilliPutt features structures modelled after famous landmarks in Singapore such as the Esplanade, Sentosa, Singapore Zoological Gardens and many others. You'll get a chance to 'tour' Singapore as you putt your way through 18 putting stations - all with its own set of irresistible challenges and obstacles. The kids had loads of fun!!

We also tried Kangoo Jumps.
Getting started - fitting on the boots and the knee pads

Holding on tight so as not to fall

Then they practised at the open space nearby

Posed for some photos

Ventured out to the beach area

Soon they were zooming off along the paths of the East Coast Park

While the older 2 were "kangoo-ing" away, Little D, her cousin and I took a walk down to the beach and we did some:
cloud watching

and letter writing in the sand (can you see she wrote "mum"!!)

Another thing that Little D has been doing these hols is: admiring the flowers from the neighbours' tree from her bed!! What a luxury!


Constance Chan said...

i want to get the kangoo jump.. but they are costing almost 400 for adult size!

bp said...

S and N look so pro in those kangoos, and seeing D having so much fun with the sand, I do miss the beach a lot!

Yay to all the great fun the kids, and you, too (!) are having! That's the way it should be, right? Study smart, and play hard!!! =)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Constance
Yes, those Kangoo boots are so expensive. The kids wanted me to buy them eacha pair buit I said "no" coz they cost $269 a pair and the kids will likely outgrow them so fast!

Hi bp,
will you be coming back to spore for a vacation?? Its summer vacation time isnt it?

bp said...

Would love to, boys and I haven't been back at all since coming here, but will have to take a raincheck esp with the lil one on the way.

If you and your family do come to the Midwest, be sure to let me know, OK? It'll be so wonderful when we can meet up one day! =)

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes bp! US is not on the cards this year. Maybe next!! If we do go to the mid west, I will definitely visit you!