Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let's not Complain!

If you think your situation is tough ... how about him?

If you think your working conditions are bad ... how about hers?

If you think your salary is low ... how about her?

If you think you don't have many friends,

ask yourself if you have one sincere friend ....

If you think study is a burden ... how about her?

When you feel like giving up, think of this man ...

If you think you have suffered in life .....

do you think you have suffered as much as he does?

If you complain about your transport system ... how about them?

If your society is unfair to you, .... how about her?

Find a quiet moment today and think of all your blessings.

You will realize that good days outnumber the bad ones.

Enjoy God's blessings today


Yan said...

Thanks so much for the timely reminder!

Stardust said...

SAHM, this is a very thought-provoking post. The pictures spoke much. I really need to count my blessings and give thanks one by one. Hugs, have a nice day.

TripleJin said...

Thank u for that reminder. U can facebook me with my email...hee hee..


p/s: dun faint from ugly-face-shock-syndrome ah... hee hee hee

JO-N said...

There are so many things to be greatful for and we tend to take for granted that we are entitled to everything we have today.

Caramel Corn said...

we are so caught up over what we don't have, we have not been thinking of how lucky we already are!

thanks for waking me up.

JO-N said...

A tag for you:

Iml said...

These pictures speak volumes on how blessed most of us are.

bp said...

SAHM, thanks for the reminder not to take the sooo much that we have for granted! God bless you and yours richly!

Hope you've had a great Father's Day! Have a wonderful week ahead now!