Thursday, June 26, 2008

50 years today!!

Today marks the 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary of my parents.

No, there is no big celebration here. They are away in Alaska on a cruise. (with my brother and his family - bleah! :P)

And for those who tagged me on the a tribute to my mum and dad - this is it.

Morning wake up calls and breakfast was taken care of by Dad. He was a wizard at making half boiled eggs, french toast and oats which we were forced to consume, like it or not, before we made our way to school. He was really good at sleeping in front of the TV. A football fanatic, that saw me following him for numerous football games and even all the way up to Malaysia for Malaysia cup matches.

She slept in late and took care of lunch, dinner and the general household. A good cook who never liked anyone to mess up her kitchen. Making nonya kueh was her specialty, but she prefered spending her time on mahjong, which saw me sitting many a times by the mahjong table, and helping her out when she had to take a "loo" break. A fiery temper that seems to have mellowed a little with age.

And after 50 years, they have been blessed with 3 children, and 6 grandchildren.
Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad!!


Iml said...

My warmest congratulation to your parents.

Ling That's Me said...

wow! 50 years! congrats to your parents! :)

bp said...

What a nice post and tribute to your parents! God's richest blessings continually be theirs!

And now we know you must be pretty good at mahjong, and N must have Grandpa's football genes =)!

JoMel said...

how many people these days can actually live to see them through a golden wedding anniversary?? This is amazing! More wonderful anniversaries to come, for sure. :)

GarGies said...

Short and sweet. Very heart-warming.

Stardust said...

Wow! 50 years a great deal! Congratulations to your parents. =) The tribute post complements the celebration very finely. =) Blessed folks you have.

I'll be waiting for your Golden Wedding Anniversary post down the road. ;) Bless your family. =)

Psst, I want to enjoy my Golden Wedding Annivesary too. AMEN!

Bkworm said...

Fifty years anniversary is such an achievement! Wow! Here's wishing your parents a very Blessed Golden Wedding Anniversary!

TripleJin said...

WOW!! 50 years!! That's fantastic!!!

A very very blessed Golden Wedding Anniversary!