Monday, June 16, 2008

Too Much

Yes, have been feasting too much.

It did not seem to have stopped since Christmas! You know, there were so many celebrations in the family in december (birthdays and anniversaries), and coupled with holidays and festive season, you tend to let go and indulge. Then it was followed by Chinese New Year ~ another 15 days of over-indulgence. In March, we celebrated 2 birthdays in the extended family. April was kind of a rest month. Then came May. 1st it was my dad's birthday, then we celebrated Mother's Day. You know how it is, we celebrate it with both sides of the family separately. And then again by ourselves?!!

And in June - It started with 2 rounds of Father's day feasting, then there were 4 birthday celebrations in the extended family! Add to that complimentary meal vouchers that we didnt want to waste, meals with ex-colleagues, meals with friends that are migrating and friends visiting from overseas.

And we have plans to celebrate my birthday sometime this week (2 weeks early) with my parents as they will be leaving on holidays at the end of this week, and will not be back until after my special day. In fact, I told hubby that with too much feasting, I really dont feel like eating anymore!!

And then I find that I am unable to buckle my trousers anymore! Yes, I have gone up one size at the waist.

Hmmm .... looks like its time to start that exercise schedule. Need to lose the weight, as I noticed that weight put on in middle-age tends to stay on forever!! Yikes!!


Yan said...

Oop... really many feasts. But, but, that's life and that's much fellowship and bonding.

Go, go for exercise schedule. I have just started my meal plan plus exercise, and it works. And I feel good.

Stardust said...

Hey, then you're faring real fine! I mean after endless feasting and hardly moving, you've merely gone up on one size? My genes are not that friendly. =P But thanks to them, I find enjoyment in excercise! =D

Ling That's Me said...

I love to eat but scared to put on I started to jog on weekends, hoping to shed some weights.

Iml said...

Hurry hurry, mooncake festival is next, followed closely by....Christmas!!!!