Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Men say the darnest things too!!

At a recent gathering with ol' friends, they shared with me some of the things their husbands have said, and I guess, I should share them with you:

On getting back into shape after childbirth:
This came from a father of 5.
His wife was commenting about how difficult it was to get back into shape, and he said: Blow a balloon up and then deflate it. Do that for 5 times, and see if you can get the balloon to be just like new. You are just trying to do something impossible!!
(So much for trying to encourage the wife to get back into shape!)

On the g-string:
You call that an underwear? It looks more like an anal floss to me!!
(So much for the wife trying to look sexy for the husband!!)

Well, like it has been said: Men are just like kids, they say the darnest things too!!


Iml said...

Men! Can be so insensitives at times not knowing they are the root of the cause.

Shelly said...

On the bright side, at least it means the husbands:

1) Don't expect the wife to get back in shape since he thinks its impossible.

2) don't require the wife to wear thongs to be enticed into having sex.

I think that's kinda good in a way. :)

Caramel Corn said...

anal floss!! that is so funny.. lol

Stardust said...

No comforting words indeed but the father of 5 is wise. At least he isn't ungrateful about his 5 times imposition on the wife and does not expect her to regain her former shape. The anal floss description is totally vivid. LOL!

TripleJin said...

Actually....I think at least the husband understands it IS difficult for poor wifey to get back her ori shape!!! Not like some men who expect otherwise!!! ;-)


bp said...

Hahaha... actually, I dunno whether to laugh... or cry?!;p The descriptions are erm, as Stardust said, pretty vivid, eh?

I like your conclusion (punchline) to it all! Hahaha!