Friday, June 20, 2008

An activity filled June Vacation

Tho' we did not go away this year for the vacation, we spent a lot of family time rediscovering Singapore, and having fun! Here's a sampling of what we did:

Discovering the Southern Ridges

We started off at Kent Ridge Park, the site of the Pasir Panjang Battle,

N posed next to a tank that was used in the war in 1944!!

We trooped along the Canopy Walk - thru' the rainforest.

Along the way, we saw some birds. Here's a kingfisher:

and a beautiful spider's web.

Little D had it easier than some of us, she was carried a part of the way!

The canopy walk brought us to Hort Park.
(I will write more on the Hort Park in a separate post)

From Hort Park, we made our way pass Alexander Arches, and then to Henderson Waves.

At it's highest point, it was some 74.14m above sea level. Pretty scary, just try not to look down at the road below.

On another day, we made our way to Changi Point.

The lazy charm of the place appealed to me.

Little D was so fascinated when she saw a coconut tree that she decided she wanted a photo.

We saw the fishing boats coming in with the days catch, and the trucks from the restaurants awaiting the day's live seafood.

Of course, the family also made their way to the Singapore Flyer. However, as it was already dark, we did not manage to see as much as we would have liked to.

The kids ended up amusing themselves in other ways.

So, I guess another trip there is in the pipeline!

And like bp said, all kids love to splish, splash, splosh! They kids enjoyed the days spent at the pool near our home.

And of course, we also spent time spent baking:

A doughnut looking chocolate cake.

and some no-bake oreo cheese cupcakes!!

We also tried smiling for the sunkist smile challenge.

Dont reckon we will win any prizes!

I guess that marks the end of our June Vacation activities as school re-opens in a few days time. Yippee!!


Ling That's Me said...

wow! look at all the activities the kids had done! I bet they enjoyed their June holidays. :)

Stardust said...

June vacation... I wish adults have something alike too. Your pictures make me homesick. =( I love Changi point, and have yet gone to Henderson waves. Every half a year, Sg appears with a new face before me, and it's scary...

Glad that your kids had fun. They deserve it. YEAH!

bp said...

Love all your pictures... see how happy the kids are, exploring, playing, splashing around, and those sunkissed and Sunkist moments! My favourite's gotto be the one of the four of them amusing themselves =)! The other girl besides D and S are the kids' cousins?

You guys packed in so much in one short month! Well done!

GarGies said...

Beautiful looking children you have. Spore might be small, but it's really quite a nice place to be in. I have always loved the country, but never stayed there for more than 2 months in my whole life. Often times, I wished I could have a chance to live in there, but my hubby didn't share my thoughts, thus, don't think there's any hope my wish will come true.

Happy back-to-school days!

Iml said...

I am sure you must have slim down in these 4 weeks of fun fun fun with the kids!

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes! we had a fun filled activity packed vacation. No I did not lose any weight. In fact I think I gained - from all that eating out!!
Bp - yes, that girl is their cousin.
Gargies - do visit, even if you cant live here.
Stardust - yes I wish they had that for SAHMs too. Sometimes I feel I need a vacation away from the kids.

Constance Chan said...

that was a very wholesome holiday you had! just that the idea of how your kids will be bringing these good times they shared with their parents and then with their kids in future will show how much love is passed down from generations!