Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting Cold feet

As we make our final arrangements for our year end vacation, I am getting cold feet. Why?

Because, we will be staying with a friend!!

She was a school mate of mine in secondary school, that's some 30 years ago. We were very good chums, all part of a group of 7 girls that did many things together. We watched movies together, did vacation jobs together, went to each others home, stayed at the chalets together, basically hung out together.

But after school, we went our separate ways. I didnt quite get to know her husband, as she got married whilst I was living abroad. After we came back, we re-connected, but our jobs and family commitments hardly gave us much time to spend together.

She migrated 2 years ago, and every time she is back in Singapore, we do meet up for a meal and some gossips. BUT this time I will be staying with her for a whole week, AND with my family on top of that!!

Well, when she heard that we were travelling to where she was, she sort of insisted that we stay with her, and I agreed, coz ... I thought it would be good to be able to catch up with her, and ... think of all those savings in hotel accommodation!! Also, I thought I might offend her if I said no. In addition, her twin sister and our group of friends thought that it would be wonderful if I did stay with her. She had said that since her son was doing his National service over here, and there's only she and her husband in the home, their home was getting very quiet, and they could do with some company. And when she said that she had two spare bedrooms, which was just right for my family, I succumbed.

But now I worry:
What if we find that after all these years of not being so close, we now have nothing to talk about?? Especially we would have to chat EVERY night, right??
What if my kids misbehave whilst in her home?
What if we have nothing to say to her husband?
What if she only asked us out of courtesy?
What if ....

... there are so many more what ifs!!!

Now you know why I am getting cold feet???!!??


iml said...

I'm sure she too have thought of all these before inviting you. Just remember to return her rooms just as she has presented you with.

Yan said...

That's exactly how I feel in such a situation.

So, should I say - it's human?

But I know, I have to say this - you are not alone.

NessaKnits said...

Do what my Mum does when she travels with my father in the car. She writes a list of topics for them to talk about so he doesn't fall asleep at the wheel! Seriously! LOL

Stardust said...

Dear, you're sociably wise, I'm sure some of the 'what ifs' are just you thinking too much. Or maybe you'll like to consider halving the week with her, and enjoy the other half with ambience of the local hotel. I just wish you a fabulous trip again this time!

slavemom said...

If ur hubby is fine with the arrangement, then u're probably worrying too much. :) I assume she's met ur family b4? So I'm sure ur fren knows what to expect when she invited u. Enjoy the hols!

Alice Law said...

No worries,, everything well be fine and I'm sure you will have a great time reunion with your friend!