Monday, November 8, 2010

Party Woes

Can you host a party that will make EVERYONE happy?

I think its close to impossible, especially if you have children of different age groups and sex to cater to.

Well, you know about lil D's dance party. She had a blast! We had party organisers that taught them to do the Camp Rock dance, which she and her friends enjoyed. Ok, some of her friends enjoyed: the girls and a few boys, that is.

Some of the boys thought that dancing was Lame! (Dont they all use that word all the time nowadays?) Some of the girls were too shy to join in. Some of the siblings were to young to join is - coz they were mere toddlers. Other siblings (the boys) only wanted to play football and were not interested in this girlie stuff! My son refused to join in. My oldest felt she was too old to join the lil ones. Did I mention that it was hard to cater to everyone?

And since it was lil D's party, is it ok for me to say as long as she had a good time, all else doesnt matter? Does that make me a bad host?

Well, I know the parents had a good time with the gossip, food and drinks, hic! The males had a great time coz after the dancing, all of them from age 3 to 48 had a football game of 3 men vs 9 boys. Not sure who won, tho.

Anyway, its over, and que sera sera! We cant please everyone all the time!

Do I worry too much about inconsequentials?


Stardust said...

Aww SAHM, remember : you can NEVER please everybody.

As long as the princess had a blast, that's all that matters! So I'm congratulating you on the great party. ;)

NessaKnits said...

We went away camping for the weekend, and had a party at the BBQ tables with 24 kids from 3 to 13, 12 of each sex. As I went to admonish one of the kids for escaping from the party to the jumping castle, it was pointed out to me that my son had already escaped! I marched around there and told all escapees if they didn't come back there would be NO LOLLY BAGS! EVIL HOSTESS!

NomadicMom said...

Yup. As long as little D had a blast, nothing else matters, right? It's her birthday after all!

Btw, sounds like a great idea for a girl's party.

TripleJin said...

It sounded like a great party..and you can't win all the time! As long as Lil D had fun..that's the most impt. She will forever cherish these memories!

bp said...

i caught your updates on my reader earlier but didn't get to leave my comments until now. my phone has limited internet access n for awhile i was relying on it only to read emails.

Great job on that great party, what a lot of fun everyone had, from the young to the not-so-young, and you must have fed them really well! Know that you're a terrific hostess all the time, but yah, don't worry too much about trying to please them all. You did great and most importantly, D had such a great time and such great memories to add to her childhood!!!

btw, about the gift opening, think i shared b4 that i am also somewhat of a killjoy also when i prefer to ask the children to open and enjoy one gift at a time. but i totally get what u mean when some gifts can't really be enjoyed right away. so how? aiyah, never mind lah. let the children have a field day. i'm glad yours did :)