Thursday, November 4, 2010

Only 7 more days

... to the end of the school year, and my baby will be moving on to Primary school!!

How time flies.

It seemed like only recently when she started pre-school, but now it is only a few more play days left before she goes into the proper school system.

She is not looking forward to it. It must be because she has seen how I stress her brother up to study and do his work! Ok, I am partly to blame.

She dreads the thought of having to go to a school that doesnt have a play ground. Having to wake up super early and not having mum to herself in the mornings is just not something she looks forward to. Coupled with tests and exams on the cards, and long school days, tell me which kid would enjoy school!!

So I am now trying my best to change my little one's impression of "BIG" school. I told her that her brother and sister loves the first day of school. They get to meet their old friends, and make new ones. And it is true, my son told me:

"I love the first day of school. But it would be better if it weren't followed by the second day of school, and the third day of school, and then the fourth day of school . . ." @_@

Have a great weekend ahead! and to all Hindu readers: "Happy Deepavali!"


iml said...

It's be a big change for her. New friends, enviroment and LONGER school hours!

NomadicMom said...

Your son so funny lah!!