Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Rule is not working anymore!

I used to have a rule that the kids were only allowed to open one present a day.

Be it Christmas or Birthdays, I had that one present rule. Why? Because with so many presents opened at one go, the kids do not appreciate the time, effort and money that was spent on that gift which was so thoughtfully given to them. You see, if they open 10 gifts, they will only zero in on their most favourite one, and all the rest would be just be left aside. Hence that rule came about.

But my kids were of course, unhappy with the rule. They think I am a killjoy!

But nowadays, that rule seems unimplementable anymore. Why? Coz they open a gift and its a dress. They try it on, dance around in it for 2 seconds, and I say: "Take it off now so that you dont dirty it, we can keep it for a special occasion." And then they say: "Can I open another present then?" And this softy will say "OK" and when they open the next present, its some gift vouchers which go straight into my handbag. And then they say, "can I open one more?" and the softy goes "OK" again!

And if that didnt happen, when I am out of sight, taking my shower, or doing something that I had not done, they rush and open ALL the presents!!

I dont make too much fuss after that coz what's done is done, what can I do? Wrap them all back? Also, not wanting to spoil too much of the excitement, I just say: "Did you forget about the one present rule?" And all I would get is a sheepish grin, and sometimes a "sorry!" which I am sure they dont mean!

Well, that rule was surely easier to implement when the kids were younger.


Stardust said...

Dear Softy, cute sharing there, and I really appreciate the meaningful rule. Maybe I should apply it next time. ;)

Ah, the tee. I bought it from Topman Bugis at the men's section, sometime during National day, the only branch I know that carries it. Not sure if they still have the tee now.

doc said...

they are not called the Terrible Teens for nothing.

that's when No Rules rule.

NessaKnits said...

I'm about to tag you in a 4 x 4 things list. Please come along and look and play if you have the time or the inclination!

NomadicMom said...

Yeah. I agree. When they open up all at once, they tend not to value each and every gift. Worse... They might lose the instruction page or destroyed the box to the extend that you don't know which part go with which toy....as they all get jumbled up. Used to go ballistic when boys do not wait for me and open up all their toys at once. But these days, they are older...no toys as pressies liow.