Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coming soon to an airport near you

On my recent trip home from France, as I my hand-carried bags were being "x-rayed" at the CDG airport in Paris, I noticed something funny.

I noticed that all the kids from my son's school group were told to take off their shoes and to put their shoes thru the x-ray machines. Odd, isnt it? That would be the last people that I would suspect of carrying explosives on board.

Instead normal men and women, like hubby and me, did not have to remove our shoes.

Who do you think was a bigger threat - school groups or individual travellers?

Anyway, I guess over there, they thought school groups were a bigger threat.

But have you seen the latest security screening machines that they intend to introduce?

Here's a peak of what's to come:


Stardust said...

Morning! I'll throw a lizard into the machine then. Heard that lizard reproduces regardless of gender, so I would like to find out what its organ like. =P

No lah, Honey, no bun lah. Picture the penguin waddling down ice.. Well that's what I meant. =P Roads are really slippery these days, I'm not good at gliding too. =P

Do pray for us, if you remember. We'll try hard this year, not young anymore... =P

stay-at-home mum said...

No bun ?!?!?- ok la. will pray for you!!

NomadicMom said...