Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

A new Year and decade has dawned upon us, and I am a little late in wishing all a Happy New Year. Anyway - here it is -

"Happy New Year!!"

The past 6 weeks have blown by so very quickly for me .. and I guess time flies when you are having fun. As soon as the school closed, we left the very next day on vacation - to Perth. And when we got back,I was busy unpacking, and making all the necessary arrangements for our trip to France. In that one week, I also managed to organise a little birthday celebration for my Lil D (who turned 5) with her school friends. it was "blink and you will miss it" kind of party. The date was fixed on a thursday for a friday lunch gathering. Anyway, this poor dear of mine never had a birthday celebration with her friends previously, as most were travelling in previous years. But this year, we managed to get quite a few, and I must say she was "mighty pleased!!"

It was then off to France and then back, and preparations for Christmas began, whilst recovering from a jet lag. Pressies this year was easy (ok, I cheated!) Most either got chocs which we brought home from France, gifts from my oven, or movie vouchers (which was mainly for the teenagers - coz I really do not know what will interest them with my budget!!) So That was Christmas for me. It really came and went with the wink of an eye.

And post Christmas, my kids were (and are still) busy battling out the National Age Groups, so I was stuck up in Yishun for 3 whole days ( 8.30 to 5.30) until New Year's Eve. Today, my kind hubby has relieved me of that duty.

So that was my 6 weeks in brief.

Well, school reopens on Monday, and in 6 weeks time it will be Chinese New Year. I am sure the next 6 weeks will go by as fast as the last.

I trust your past 6 weeks have been as eventful as mine.


Yan said...

Happy New Year!

I started my new year (yesterday) with a real day of rest - how blessed to start that way.

A movie, another and another (on a big screen in my service apartment, my temporary place of stay in Kuching).

doc said...

same every year - the long vacation just flashed by!

vacation bible school, family holiday, christmas & then new year.

after chinese new year, things will drag by slowly till the next long vacation.

iml said...

It's amazing how you managed to pack so much fun and activites in just 42 days. Here's to another year of excitement and fun.

Stardust said...

Happy New Year, SAHM! Nice knowing you these years! Happy Belated Birthday to lil D!

Glad you had some eventful and fun-filled weeks, what could be better?

bp said...

What a fruitful year-end it's been for you and your family, n sweet memories for everyone from your hols!

I believe S and N must have rocked at their chess, and belated b'day wishes to D! It was also a rushed b'day party for Ben's, half a yr ago now amidst crazy busy times... so i know what u mean D was mighty pleased :)

have a happy n blessed 2010, SAHM!

JoMel said...

Not nearly as eventful as yours but it was short (or rather it felt short) and sweet! By the way, what is this National Age Group thingy?