Sunday, January 17, 2010

some tooth matters

So many things toothy matters have cropped up recently:

First: During the recent chess tournament, my son, during a lunch break, whilst eating his garlic bread suddenly started "reacting": "my tooth has dropped!" But no, his tooth didnt drop out, but he had blood oozing out of his mouth. It was quite a sight. As a result he couldnt eat his lunch. I told him to go rinse his mouth and then to pull his tooth out himself. But he just couldnt pull it out! So no choice, I had to do it for him, or it would have affected his game in the afternoon. Well, that's the first tooth I have pulled out for ANY of my kids.

Second: My oldest had braces put in this past week.
Cost: An arm and a leg to me. To her: lots of pain and an inability to eat due to the pain involved. But, it's getting better :)
Result: I have gone back to carrying a small pair of scissors with me when we go out, and I have to cut her food really small - ala baby food.
Final Result: A beautiful smile from her in the future (and not the scowls I have been getting recently).

Third: Lil D has a shaky tooth!
And that's too early for me. Actually when I looked at it, it looks ready to be pulled out. But I think 5 is way too early for her tooth to drop, so I have left it in there. The older 2 only lost their 1st tooth in P1, which mean they were almost 7. Could this shaky tooth be the result of all those fish soup she's been drinking all these years ... in an effort to give her more calcium to strengthen her bones? And for someone with her medical condition, it is no good to change teeth so early, coz they are very prone to cavities. But there is nothing I can do about it. AND she is so excited, coz she cant wait for the tooth fairy to visit!

Fourth: I need to schedule a visit to the dentist. Have not been for a while. Must make the time COZ I want to have a smile as beautiful as my children's!!


Yan said...

Really teething, huh? Part of growing pains, and soon into things of beauty!

iml said...

Quite a mouthful of toothy problems. If you're looking for a gentle and patience lady dentist, let me know.

stay-at-home mum said...

Yan - yeah its painful alright!

iml - thanks. We have a family dentist already.

Stardust said...

Well done there. I'm taking care of my pearlies too, as much as I can, though dentist says that they'll never improve my smile unless I get them braced. I can't, especially after hearing your eldest. Too old for that anyway, I'll be happy just to enjoy food. Heheh.

bp said...

Ben who's half a year older than D has one shaky tooth also, tho' Jon like S and N, was older too when he started losing his teeth. maybe it's just earlier for her, u probably know the childrens' classmates with both front teeth already gone when our own were only starting to have their first wiggly tooth. hopefully for D, things will just take their natural course, yah.

and i don't know if it's a more aggressive approach here but seems the dentist is "sealing" or filling up every other tooth in the boys' mouths. Ben has at least one more appt to go, and the husband and i are also not done with our various dental work. what's awful is that insurance covers the bare basics and everything else including all these works being done are ridiculously ex but can't be ignored :(. i can't wait to get back to just the six-monthly checkups.

i hope yours goes well, no need for any follow-up :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
yes, the dentist here also seals up the children's molars ... and there is no insurance coverage here - si everything is out of pocket.
Compared to over there, of course, dental visits are cheaper. I have friends who come here from NY for vacations cum cleaning visits!!

JoMel said...

Hahaha.. such a cool way how you compile all the "teething" problems.
I am terrified of going to the dentist, and have not been in 1, 2, 3, 4... 4 years!! *grimace*

TripleJin said... eldest had his first tooth out when he was 5. But it's taking a long time for the rest of them to fall out. I can't believe that that was your first time pulling out your boy's tooth! I keep having to pull mine out! He won't do it himself!

Why is dental so ex?

stay-at-home mum said...

Guess we all HATE the dentists!!

Triple Jin
My other kids teeth all just fell out by themselves. I never had to pull them As for the other teeth taking a long time to fall out for your eldest - I hope that happens with lil D too.:)