Monday, January 11, 2010


We were strolling by the alcohol section of the supermart yesterday when my eldest commented: "Hey, my classmates said they drank lots of Jolly shandy when they were at the chalet!"

Her class had a sleepover at the chalet during the recent school hols. Eldest did not join them as we were away on vacation.

I remember not so long ago there was some "hoo-ha" over Jolly shandy and how it was sold openly to all and sundry at convenience stores around the island. The "hoo-ha" was over the fact that it had an alcoholic element, and yet underaged teens were allowed to purchase it. I remember that the response by the authorities was that the alcohol content was so low ( I believe it is less than 1%), that it did not fall under the legislation of the liquor license board, and hence not regulated.

My reaction to her comment was: Do you want to drink it? I will buy it for you. It has alcohol in it, you know?

Her reply was: Yes, I know. But I dont want to drink it. Dont want to lose my brain cells.

Phew! What a relief.

I am one that would rather my child experiment with whatever drink at home, than with possible strangers at strange locations, so that these drinks will not be a novelty to them nor forbidden. I dont want them to do it behind my back. At least when they have it at home, I will know how well they are able to tolerate it, and we can share with them the dos and donts. Anyway, I am so glad she didnt want to drink it. (Yet!!)

Would you do the same?


Yan said...

Wise mother!

And the result? Street-wise children!

I did the same to my two children. Now that Rach is 19 and has a level head over her shoulders, I think I can affirm that we are not too wrong! Yay!

Another affirmation came when just before she came back from Downunder she asked, "Mummy, there is a boy who wants to date me. What do you think?"

This will only come when you don't make all decisions for her, she will want your opinion on big decisions!

Jia you, mum!

Stardust said...

Nodding... =)

TripleJin said...


but no smoking. i dunno... how with it?

stay-at-home mum said...

Yan, I am so glad to hear I am doing the right thing!

Mott - bring them to visit someone with lung cancer - that should do the trick!! Or show them pictures of those teeth stained by smoking. My kids hate smoke!

NomadicMom said...

Yes. Agree. Let them experiment at home rather than outside.

As 4 smoking, I donno la. At the moment, my kids hate smoke. But who knows what peer pressure can do later?

bp said...

i like your approach, thanks for sharing how it all went. and it's really nice when the children feel comfortable to approach you without you having to ask them, 'coz they've got your trust. way to go, mama!