Friday, October 2, 2009

Lump of soil

She was really excited when she came home from school with this "lump of soil".

But I wasnt. It was her children's day gift from school. How can anyone be thrilled with a gift like this? But she was. She wanted to open it immediately.

I thought of all the small bits of soil falling all around the house. She chose to open it on the rug. Sigh. If any soil drops on it, it will be there FOREVER! Wont be able to see it as the rug is patterned.

You see, the school gave them this vegetable growing kit.

And you have to loosen the soil before planting. Fortunately, big sister agreed to help. They both got down to the job of loosening the soil, planting the seeds and watering it.

This morning she woke up and checked on her vegetable. Disappointed that it hadnt grown at all - no shoots - NOTHING! Insisted on watering it again, with a LARGE GLASS of water, spilling along the way.

You are probably wondering why I wasnt happy with the gift. Well, it just means more WORK for me. I know I should be thrilled, but the thought of "dropped" soil on the rug, mopping up spilled water, and explaining over and over again that the vegetable wont grow overnight, probably having to take over the watering and sunning of the plant (once the excitement wears out and they forget all about it - which is probably in two days time) and tending to their disappointment is really NOT my cup of tea. (That makes me a horrible Mum, right? why cant they just plant it in school, and only bring home the vegetables!!)

I know I should look on the bright side - they learn about plants and how they grow. Maybe they would happily EAT what they grow. I am keeping my fingers crossed. But now, I have another "BABY" to take care of. And I dont have green fingers.

As Lou Erickson once said: Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.

And, if, instead of talking to the plants, I yelled at them,
would they still grow, only to be troubled and insecure?

And here's the riddle of the week:
What is the difference between boogers and spinach?

You can't get your kids to eat spinach :D

Have a great weekend!


iml said...

I must say this is a very innovative gift for the school children.

Stardust said...

Aiyoh... I understand all that agony of work. Bear bought his plants and fishes, and I watered HIS plants and fed+clean HIS fishes.

But I guess such little exploration may be good for lil children. Plants sound esp good for children living in HDB, rather than kids living in your family, complete with garden and greenery. The teacher can't just opt your kid out for the gift, so can't be helped lah.

Can you make your gardener/maid take over? ;P

TripleJin said... the last riddle!

I hear u abt the 'work'. I'd leave it outside the house, along the thoroughfair..and my kids when walking, will notice it and spritz it. It's pretty cool, when it sprouts. Then again..I love seeing things grow. ;)

NomadicMom said...

I also scared of extra WORK. Hubby wants to get a dog for the boys. A pet is alot of work. And worse, he wants to have the dog IN the house. The thought of potential shit, pee and dog hairs all over the house is enough for me to say NO.

JoMel said...

I can get my kids to eat spinach. :)

I can understand why kids would be excited over the vege growing kit. If my kids bring that home, I think I'll make them do the opening, soil loosening and watering, all in the bathroom, and only bring out the pot when it's all done. Problem solved.(?)

bp said...

haha, lil D's eagerness for the plant to grow is like Ben asking me every day to measure him to see if he's grown an inch from when we last measured the day b4! i've hidden the measuring tape... it's somewhere, now i have to remember where!