Friday, October 23, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun

Where has the week gone? I really dont know!! People say time flies when you are having fun, but I dont believe I have been having much fun this week at all.

The kids were all home on Monday, due to Deepavali. There was a LOT of fighting and squabbling over the use of the TV and the computer.

My son was home all week, and when he is home, I am usually stressed. Why? read on::

You see, next week is exam week for him. I tried to get him to study, but each time, after 5 mins at his books, he will say that he is done. BUT I know he is NOT done studying. WHY is it so difficult to get him to study???

And then he will start fighting with his Mei Mei over toys, over the TV, over anything. Even a toy or book that has been lying around for months untouched. Once one of them takes it, the other will want it. I know its their attention seeking ways. BUT it drives me up.

And then my son will complain about his food. Take yesterday for example. We had teochew porridge for lunch. When he saw it, he complained non-stop about how he hated it. Could he have plain instant noodles instead? etc, etc. Of course I put my foot down and said: Eat it or go hungry. Naturally he ate it. When dinner time came around, he said: "Can I have porridge instead of rice? Rice is so boring!!" A 100% turn around from lunch. Of course he got a shelling from me, and ate his RICE.

So, you can tell, I definitely did not have much fun this past week. But where did the week go? I really dont know. Anyway, I am glad it's FRIDAY!! and I am looking forward to the end of next week ... when I dont have to bug my son to study, and the whole family can have a relaxing time unwinding.

Have a great weekend!!


iml said...


Stardust said...

Aiyoh, I don't know where my weeks have gone either, especially when they aren't fun too. =P

But I LOVE fridays! TGIF indeed!!

bp said...

i have the same problem of the toy-snatching between the boys n meimei (yes, why the renewed interest all of a sudden in the forgotten toy?), and with jon n his schoolwork, so i can understand how u feel. and what should we do when we know they can go further than the wee bit of work they are willing to put in (not-so-willingly tho', sigh!)? on the one hand you want them to be able to reach their potential, yet on the other hand and not wanting to "force" them to do beyond what they "can take" (and surely it's more than 5 min of opening and closing the book), and this is my stance now, i tell the son to "please do your best... for God and for yourself". he listens but only for a little while, and then, tomorrow, goes back to being all laidback again. very tough, yah!

but i like how you put your foot down, i am learning to do that, coz i tend to give in and reward more than i discipline =(. and my kids know i'm not the strict one.

ok, thanks always for listening, and for understanding how it is like for me also =). u have a good weekend, too!

JoMel said...

and the most exasperating of things is when they cannot see how much older they are as compared to the meimei!! The inability to give in, you know? The kiasuness - that drives me up the wall!

Oh well, ladies, our stories have been told over and over since the beginning of time, haven't they?

NomadicMom said...

Is it a boy thing??????

stay-at-home mum said...

Nomadic Mom - Maybe!!

Jomel - True!

bp - we learn along the way. You are doing fantastic with your kids!!