Thursday, October 15, 2009

Horror Stories

Heard any horror stories lately? Well I did.

I was at school the other day waiting to pick up lil D. A mum was hurrying a teacher for her son as she had a taxi waiting for her. She then said that her daughter (who is only 3) was waiting in the taxi.

Alarm bells rang for me!! What? Leave a young child on her own with an unknown cab driver? I would never do that!!

Another lady there (a grandma of one of the kids) then scolded her for doing that, and went on to relate this story:

Her friends family went to Florida on vacation. The husband brought the son to the toilet at one of the Theme Parks (she didnt say which one), and left the boy in the loo to queue. He then went outside to take some photos. After awhile, he went back into the loo to get his son but he couldnt find him at all. He then called his wife who was waiting at another part of the park with their daughter to tell her what had happened. The wife left the daughter there alone (coz she was tired), and went in search of the son with the husband. They did NOT succeed in find the boy.

When they went back to where they left their daughter, she was gone too. Apparently they lost both their children there!!

I have heard similar stories about children going missing in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, but there is no way to verify the truth of it. But this lady claimed that it was her friend, and both husband and wife then came home to Singapore. I asked her again if it was true or just hearsay. She then told me "It's my friend!! It's a true story, so better take good care of your children, and dont let them out of your sight in public!"

Singapore may be a safe country and we tend to take personal safety fro granted. But more than 20 years ago, 2 teenage boys went missing, and to date they have never been found.

How sad that is!! I know I would NEVER be able to forgive myself should such a thing happen to my kids. (CHOI! CHOI! Touch wood!) That to me is a REAL horror story. And I DONT want to hear more of these stories. May it NEVER happen to anyone.


Charmaine said...

We need to be careful with our children no matter where we are. We have just returned from holidays in Msia/Spore. At all times, I made sure my children were holding my hands or at least close by within sight, for fear of any harm coming to them.

bp said...

i know what u mean, and even with my older 2, i like them in my line of sight. some "more relaxed" parents must think i'm super paranoid and there were times when i did end up being the "mother hen" keeping an eye on all the younger children (besides my own) because i wd not let the younger boy run off with the other younger sibs in the big bro's soccer and baseball teams. safety first as u say.

btw, has Stardust managed to access your site? not sure if she n i are the only ones not able to get in via IE? i'm using mozilla firefox now.