Friday, October 30, 2009

Dad's cooking

Since I got married, some close to 19 years ago, I have not tasted my Dad's cooking. You see, when we were young, Dad usually made breakfast for us.

Last evening when we met for my nephew's birthday, my Dad invited me over for lunch today. He told me that my favourite fish was in season and he was going to cook it for me.

"Toi Her" is a type of fish which is popular with the teochews. It is a slim fish about 6 inches in length and about an inch in diameter. Not many know how to eat this fish as it has numerous bones which are very thin. Only if properly eaten will the bones stick to the fish. The way you eat it is most unlady-like. You have to literally slurp and suck the flesh off the meat. But the meat is sweet and soft. I havent had "toi her" for years.

Usually Mum would cook it using Grandma's recipe. But today Dad cooked it, using a recipe he learnt on his recent trip to China. Must say it turned out quite good, tho it was of a different style from that I was used to. I ate 6 of those fishes .. all for lunch!! There goes my diet!

Thanks Dad for a lovely lunch. And what a lovely way to end the week ...coupled with the children's exams finally OVER!

I hope you have a great weekend!


Yan said...

Dad's in kitchen, the diet can come later!

I am envious. My dad was a great cook. When dad was in kitchen, it meat a feast during those poor days. Mum was a great cook too, but the spread was not as generous as dad's.

Well, I got a little sentimental now - well, tears just flow - let it flow.

SAHM, thanks for sharing - allowing me a time to think of my dad and mum!

doc said...

so, you are a teochew as well, huh? i wonder which other blogger is also one?

JoMel said...

I love my dad's cooking, even though he's very liberal with the oil and fats and lards. I love it simple because it's him who cooked. I haven't tasted my dad's cooking for many years now. The geographical difference makes it all the harder to savour his cooking. You are very fortunate. :)

And I bet your shoulders feel soooo light now. hehe! Enjoy the weekend now. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Yan - *hugs*

Doc - I think iml is also teochew!!

Jomel - guess dads make good cooks *wink* - dont let my Mum see this - she will so kill me!!

iml said...

My dad's speciality: egg omelette with lots of onions!
But a true blue teochew, he loves his yam and so do I.