Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Flip Flop Generation

Yes, there is a flip flop generation. I am not referring to the way youngsters flip flop on their likes and dislikes according to what's the "in" thing, but am referring to the way they like to go EVRYWHERE in their slippers.

In my time, (which actually isnt all that long ago) the only flip flops available were what we would call "Japanese slippers". It costs about $5 a pair and that would be what we wear when running downstairs to the HDB shops to get some things or to buy our char kway teow, with our own egg in hand, or if we are lucky, a trip to the beach with our parents.

Nowadays, there are so many different versions - there's the Ipanema's, the Havianas, etc and the cost of a pair can go all the way up to $50 just for a pair. And if they come jewel studded, the cost can go into the hundreds!! But to me a pair of slippers is a pair of slippers. And there is a time and place for them.

I cant understand why my kids always have to ask me "Can I wear my slippers?" And usually the answer is "No!"

You dont wear slippers when you go shopping in a nice mall, or to the movies, or out to lunch (unless its at the neighbourhood kopitiam or hawker centre). Even if its to these places, I would still prefer to wear proper sandals as the grip is better and there is a less chance of slipping and falling. Neither do you wear it to church or to a friend's house!! I think it shows a lack of respect, unless your friend happens to live next door - or you are going there for some "muck around"!!

An ex-colleague was commenting the other day about one particular boss complaining about staff wearing "flip flops" to work. He was referring to the ladies sandals, and how they flip and flop when they walked. In my time, working in a professional organisation meant that it was black court shoes - nothing less, coz that was normal business attire. I remember a boss commenting about my "blue checked" foldable umbrella which I whipped out from my handbag one day when it started to pour unexpectedly. He said that where he was trained in the UK, it was unthinkable for accountants to use anything other than a black umbrella. But I guess that's part of the British stiff upperlip. I digress.

Anyway, maybe it's me - too controlling and fixed in my "old-fashioned" ways - but I still think, flip flops - be they $50 havianas, designer or not , are meant only for the neighbourhood run-around. What do you think?


Stardust said...

Hey!! Glad that I haven't been your place in flip flops before! WAHAAHHA!

I like to be well dressed, but sometimes, if the attire looks better with a chic pair of ff, I'll put them on without thinking. Besides, the ffs these days aren't the $5 pairs anymore, they are meant for vanity.

Intresting share on Britain's umbre.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust
Just to my house it's no problem. what bugs me is when my kids want to wear them everywhere ...even to church!! That is a real no-no for me!!

JoMel said...

wearing sandals to work is a real no-no for me. Unless you are the office cleaner. It's just downright "ah soh", not to mention tardy.

My kids wear sandals a lot.. and I just let them.. unless we are going somewhere nice, like a restaurant.

bp said...

i know what u mean that the ffs can be too casual, n safety wise, agree that covered shoes are the better choice over even strappy sandals for playgrounds n sports. i also started out wearing court shoes n pumps (lower-heeled, i handle better) while working... but then came those CK (charles n keith lah, not calvin klein) open-toed heels... about when everyone stopped wearing jkt suits too, n embrace a more casual-smart look unless there's some major event or mtg, then it's back to a more formal ensemble.

anyway, those were the days n i digress, too, hee! popped by to see how u n N are doing this week... hope he's off to a nice start for his exams, n praying with u he will do his very best n leave all the rest to God =). u all have a great exam week now, try not to overly worry, i believe he'll do great. jiayou, N! your hard work will reap wonderful results!

stay-at-home mum said...

Jomel, I think sandals are ok most of the times, its the flipflops (ala japanese slippers) that I am totally against 9except for the beach)

Bp - thanks so muc. Just praying hard that he gives his best!

NomadicMom said...

Oh Oh... I seem to belong to this "flip flop" group....although NOT young thing wor. Mine got abit of consider okay or not??/ hehehehe

TripleJin said...

I'm abit lucky. I think my kids got their dad's genes when it comes to shoes. They like wearing shoes. In fact, No.2 hates wearing his 'thongs' outside the house..coz he HATES his toes getting dirtied.


But... I'm a flipflop girl. If the weather was nice n warm, I'd wear them anywhere/everywhere. Well, except Church of course. :)