Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bag Lady

Do you carry a BIG HANDBAG with you wherever you go?

I remember when I went for this "Colour Me Beautiful" course some years back, where they helped us with selecting clothes, bags, spectacle frames, etc to make us more beautiful.

I remember in one segment the trainer, took all our handbags, and paraded with them. Many of us carried BIG handbags, carting around half our life with us. She then told us: with all these beautiful clothes in the right colours, etc, do you think you look elegant with that HUGE bag? or do you think you look better with this bag? She then whipped out her small stylish handbag.

Naturally, it was the small handbag that complemented the look we wanted.

I then made a conscious effort to carry a smaller stylish bag.

But having left the workforce for a good ten years now, and with age, we forget what we have been taught. At least for me. Looking at my handbag, which I carry with me everywhere, I realise that I have gone back to carrying everything with me. The only thing not in my handbag is probably my kitchen sink! I have in my handbag: my wallet, diary, ipod touch, phone, camera, my cheque book, a few pens, my children's spare passport size photos, my gift vouchers, lipstick, lipbalm, glide stick (for when I get blisters on my feet), my keys, my rosary, 2 packets of tissues (at least), some candy, doctors appointment cards for myself and children, and MORE!

No wonder I have this persistent shoulder-ache!!

It doesnt help that BIG handbags are also in fashion!!

But why do I carry so many things with me? Well, I guess I am a bit of a "Miss Eveready" ... I am prepared in case of anything!! (You should see the things in my car boot! - spare clothes for the kids and me, picnic mat - in case we decide to go to the beach on a whim, sandcastle building toys, kite, spare food containers - incase I want to "ta pow", recyclable shopping bags, medicated oil, sewing kit, mosquito repellent, - you name it, I probably have it!!)

Well, I have now decided that I am going to cut out all that. I am going back to small handbags. I can do without that extra weight on my shoulder and that frumpy look! No more carrying of everything with me when I go and fetch the kids - just a small pouch with my driver's license, some small change, house keys and my mobile phone will do.

And only when I go to town or out with friends will I bring my lock, stock and barrel with me. I think that will really ease my burden. Hmm, time to go shopping for a small bag.

Are you a Bag lady like me?


Yan said...

I was a big bag woman! Now, I go for small bag. But, I have to hunt one bag that carries my camera - and, it has to be BIG!

stay-at-home mum said...

oh! oh! Yan - looks like you could be going back to being a bag lady!!

iml said...

Years ago, I opted for a small slim bag for the obvious reason: stop myself from taking the kitchen/bathroom/studyroom. If ever it's stolen, I'll probably have an identity crisis. BUT, it's now a small bursting bag. So many things just have to be inside for the JUST IN CASE situation.

stay-at-home mum said...

haha!! iml, you are just like ME!! In fact most of the time, we dont need those things. Lets see if I succeed with the small bag. You give it a go too!

JoMel said...

Sahm, now, don't take this the wrong way.. but I've read quite recently that women who carry anything and (almost)everything with them out of the house are in fact control freaks. well, I believe that we are all want to be in control in one way or the other.

stay-at-home mum said...

You may be right ... I could be .... may maybe .. ok, AM a control freak!! Yikes!!

I like to be in CONTROL of all situations ... sometimes over things that are not controllable too!!

SCARY huh? That probably explains all those white hair on my head , wondering how to control the uncontrollable.


NomadicMom said...

Waaaa...You are a Miss EVER-READY!!!

My bag is only filled with receipts. So I try not to carry too big a bag. The bigger the bag, the more the receipts!

bp said...

hahaha, i am like you also, like to be prepared, it's the KS-ness that's hard to shake off, haha, but i am trying not to bring everything with me also... tried to cut down to just cellphone, keys and wallet (and diapers for meimei) but baby or not, i just cannot not be a big bag lady! oops, so i am also a control freak... yikes! and am counting more white hair too =(. it's the kids, it's the kids...

gd luck with the small pouch! n maybe u can simply plonk it into the bigger bag (holding the rest of the things) when u r out and about?!

Stardust said...

I'm definitely NOT a big bag person, simply becos I've never liked weight, and probably, I'm not with children yet? I just need my wallet and keys, I don't even bring my cellphone cos I just knew 'no one' will call me. NAHAHAHAH!

I hate weight so much that I will 'geng' all the way to avoid carrying stuff more than needed. ;P Come 'geng' with me. =D