Friday, October 9, 2009

And the kangkong is growing ...

.... quite well I think!

It grew much much faster than I expected, and lil D is really excited now. She checks on her plant every morning as soon as she wakes, and will water it then. She will measure it to see how much it has grown, and has been sympathising with those that were not properly planted, and have withered and died. She's showing more responsibility than I expected.

Would she eat it? I really dont know. But S said that she was not going to eat it. Why?? Because its home grown, and she thinks there is too much stem, and hence the plant is unhealthy! Never heard of that!! Since when "too much stem" meant a plant was unhealthy? She said her teacher told her so!! Dont know what they are teaching our kids in school nowadays!

Anyway - , my kids only like the leafy parts of all vegetables, and I usually end up eating the stem. No problems for me, coz thats the part of vegetables that I like. Crunchy!! How about you?

Anyone wants to share some "unhealthy" Kangkong stems with me?


iml said...

And homegrown is suppose to be the best. As long as it's not too fibrous, I eat everthing.

iml said...

Oops! pardon me,ate up the 'y'. See what I mean (-:

Stardust said...

Ha, herher, HAHAHA!!! 'Unhealthy' kangkong stems..HAHAHAH!!!

I eat everything. Er, you sure you want to cook the kangkong? Will your girl cry? =P

NomadicMom said...

Wah...very good. I don't think any of my kids would be so responsible to look after a plant.

bp said...

wow, that's fast, all D's efforts are paying off... literally the fruit of her labour!

i know what u mean, my boys also don't fancy the stem, and now the younger boy doesn't want even the leaves, and like u, i end up eating them... be happy to share yours =)

(p.s. been having trouble logging on to your site via my IE... now i'm using firefox instead, maybe it's my computer?)