Saturday, July 11, 2009

She is going to make a good story teller

The other night when we were at dinner, (yes, that birthday dinner), the Guest Relations Officer from the hotel came with 2 "sculptured" ballons for the children. A pink and green flower - which Little D wanted and got, and a bird which my son quickly stretched his hand out for. My nephew, who is 6 y/o, thus ended up with none.

A little while later, the GRO came back with another 3 balloons. 2 swords - one which she gave to my nephew, and the other to my oldest. The other, a doggy ballon was given to my son, as he was very quick in stretching his hand out again!!

Naturally, one little girl was unhappy. Tho' she had the biggest, and in my opinion the nicest balloon, she was still unhappy. Why? Because all the kids love the sword balloons - as they love fighting and attacking each other with it.

I tried talking to my oldest to share or give it to her mei mei. Despite being 13 already, she is still a kid at heart and refused. 2 days later, Little D was still sulking and grumbling about not having the sword balloon. Nothing could pacify her ..... until her sister told her this story.

"You know why the lady gave us all those balloons? Kor Kor got the animal balloons, because sometimes he behaves like an animal. Jie Jie got the sword balloon, because I am skinny like the sword. You got the flower balloon because the lady thought you look as pretty as a flower!! Do you want to be skinny like the sword?"

Guess she will make up lovely stories just to keep her sword balloon!!


iml said...

So Imaginative!

JoMel said...

hahaha.. she is a charmer! So good with words.