Thursday, July 16, 2009

Decisions! decisions!

I usually cut my hair once every 8 to 10 weeks. As I spot a short hair-do, it gets out-of-shape fairly quickly, and I always feel the need to cut it, or I will end up with "bad hair" days! Unlike those with long hair, my hair is too short to be tied, and hence the need for frequent trimming.

My hairdresser offers a 30% discount to his regular customers during the week before and after their birthday. I did not take advantage of the deal this year, as I had felt that my hair wasnt ready for a cut that week. MIL went for her cut last saturday, and negoiated with him to extend the discount to me for another week. She even made an appointment for me to go today!!

However, I woke up this morning, and felt that my hair actually looks really nice as is. A friend who I see regularly at little D's school also commented yesterday that she felt that my hair was looking really nice now. With the soft curl on my fringe, and a just-nice length, it gives me a more feminine look, she said! (I usually go for a cut coz I cant stand the curl on my fringe, and when it gets a little longer, the heavy curls at the back will start to act up - these natural curls that I have difficulty taming! Bah!) But now, she has given me a different perspective on my hair! *ding, ding* enlightenment?

If I do not go and get a cut today, my 30% discount will lapse.

To cut or not to cut, tis the question!!


iml said...

Look at the mirror and decide.
The Discount or the Look

JoMel said...

just a short trim at the back? remembering to keep emphasizing the shortness of it with your thumb and index fingers. It's 30% wor... Hee!

Yan said...

Ha, ha, what a co-incidence! I have just decided to keep my hair long this morning! It will be another month that I would go back to Sibu. And I do not like to go to "strange" hairdresser. Give it a try also?

Stardust said...

Err... you wouldn't want to hear from me. I visit the stylist only twice a year. You say leh?


doc said...

as a regular customer, your hairdresser should be able to give some allowance; by right, you should get that discount all year round!!