Sunday, July 12, 2009

At such a young age!

My son recently went on facebook. For him, its not so much to keep in touch with friends, but more to play games. But I must say, his number of friends are definitely growing on FB by the day ... many of whom are his classmates.

You probably know by now, if you play games on FB, after every game, there will usually be a post announcing your score. Depending on your privacy settings, you can then choose to publish it or skip publishing it.

Young boys, being young boys, will not hesitate to publish it, especially if its a new high score, or when they have beaten their friends's high score. I have told my son many times not to publish the comments, but he feels the need to publicise his successes and continues to do so after each game.

Well, yesterday, my son played a new game, and on one of his first trys he scored higher than a fellow classmate. My son immediately chose to publish the post. The post said something like "N has beaten M's high score in 'name of game' " and included details of his new score.

You know what his classmate M replied to my son? "Curse you, N!"

Woah! And it was a girl that said it! Why so vicious? And at such a young age? Was such a comment really necessary? Ungracious loser?

It's just an innocent game. And record scores are going to be broken all the time by others. A little while later, another of their classmate, J, indeed beat N's score at that same game!

Or am I over-reacting to her comment?


Yan said...

No, you are not over-reacting.

One of the proud things I feel about my two children is - they are not jealous about other children, whether in achievements or in material things! I only hear their praises of their classmates at home!

Keep your head up, SAHM!

iml said...

Many of the children these days, in 'branded', mission or neighbourhood schools, Girls included, are very bold, vocal and loud. The want to excel resulted in some students misplacing their friends' school notes or exercise books.

doc said...

Kiasu-ism rears its ugly head?

stay-at-home mum said...

The good thing that came out of it is that my son stopped "showing-off" his high scores!!