Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More blooms

This time, the wild orchids in my garden are blooming. They have not bloomed for a long, long time. I guess the unpredictable weather of a very hot spells followed by sporadic rain must have played a part in its flowering.

Isnt it beautiful?

Now to decide whether to cut them and put them into a vase, or to let them live their life as is.


just me said...

Cut a few to decorate your home,

maybe a few to bless others?

Leave some in garden for passers-

by to enjoy?

just me

JoMel said...

yes beautiful! Orchids are such hardy plants. I love them.

Stardust said...

And isn't that a blessing to watch after having them dormant for so long? ;) If you leave them as they are, the blooms can last for slightly more than a month or so! =D