Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I remember when ...

... I was little, every visit to my maternal grandmother's house will be preceded with a request for yam rice.

You see, I enjoyed eating yam rice, but that was a dish which my mum never cooked at home! That was also one of the few things that my maternal grandma cooked that I truly enjoyed.

Yam rice is what you would call a one-dish meal. There is chinese mushrooms, dried prawns, belly pork, and of course, yam in it- all cooked together with the rice and some black sauce.

Today, I made a request for Yam rice, and my MIL indulged me by cooking it.

2 bowls of yam rice with one bowl of "bak kut teh" soup for lunch, and I was all set for my afternoon siesta.

That's the good life!!

Here's the recipe as requested by some of you:

Rice - wash, and put aside. After washing, meaasure out the water that would be needed to cook the rice as per usual, pour it into a cup

Fry some garlic in oil, and put it aside
Fry the dried prawns and put aside.
Fry the belly pork, then add in the chinese mushrooms. Add in the yam and fry for a little while. Add in the fried garlic, dried prawns, and the rice that had been washed (without the water). Add in some black sauce for colour and light soya sauce for taste. Transfer everything to the rice cooker, and add in the measured water, and leave to cook in the rice cooker. After a little while, say 10 mins, give everything in the rice cooker a good stir and leave it to cook until done.

Sorry no proportions are given, as everything for my MIL is agak-agak!!


iml said...

Please can share this recipe? I too love everything yam esp yam rice. Haven't had a good bowl for a long time. ThankQ

TripleJin said...

oh ya MIL cooks this too. I never tasted it before..until she cooked it for me.

I was gonna attempt to cook it. But am afraid that it may .. turn out like crap! hahahahaha

JoMel said...

I would trade the marble cheesecake for a dish of that! I love Yam.. and have always wanted to try cooking yam rice, unfortunately the chinese sausage stops me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE chinese sausage, but for the sake of the maid, we don't cook anything that's non-halal.. and I'd rather not cook Yam rice if I can't use chinese sausage. Like I've said before, I am a perfectionist. haha..

stay-at-home mum said...

iml - recipe as requested in post now

Mott - do give it a try. Seems simple enough.

Jomel - try using chinese chicken sausages instead. I know it will not be the same, but I think it wil come out alright!

TripleJin said...

Oh..that's much easier. My MIL will slave over the wok, becoz she will cook the rice in it. Takes a long time..that's why I'm a lil scared of doing it. The time!

Thanks for your's true.. don't HAVE to attend the meetings...not like I'm there to make a major decision for them anyway!

iml said...

ThankQ I await droolingly!!!!

Stardust said...


What's 'agak agak'? =P

stay-at-home mum said...

agak-agak = estimation, according to her taste.

bp said...

yam, yum! i'm not sure if i've had this tho', but you make it sound so yum! is it the same as brown (yam?) rice that some duck rice stall served (o dear, i can't even remember which place this is at now... seems so long ago, see, i'm another one with elephant memory NOT)?

i know what u mean u long for vast open space. what i miss abt s'pore is the food, glorious food... even hawker centre alone has so many more choices!;p

thanks for coming by with your hugs, it just seems one crazy day after another n i'm so not on top of things n kids so out of hand... *bp hugs SAHM too!*