Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Toy

Hubby got his new toy last week.

He is not one that indulges in toys, but after observing his friends and fellow colleagues have so much "fun" with theirs, he decided to get his own. We are talking about the new iphone 3GS.

The family had a great time "exploring" his new toy. We have now downloaded games which unfortunately no one can play with unless its the weekend. You see, hubby relies a lot on that phone of his for work. And if everyone were to be playing games on it, the battery would only run out too quickly, and when he really needs it for work (which is 24/5 - 24 hours from Mon to Fri), he may be caught short. So we only get to play with it on weekends.

Smitten by it, but unfortuantely, I am not able to change to the iphone, coz it is only offered by one mobile company in Singapore, and I am not with that carrier. To buy it without a plan would just be too expensive!! So what can I do?

I am just making do with my current phone, which suits me fine. But guess what, I am getting the "brother" of the iphone - the itouch!!

It has all the capabilities of the iphone - except for the calling and messaging. So I can still have my games etc, and the kids will be able to play with it without worrying about interrupting Papa's work! So I have a new toy too!!



Yan said...

Ha, I am out of "touch", I am still comfortable with my "ipod" and my blackberry bold. And do not know what to do with the gift that I got during the sunset cruise last week - a blackberry pearl.

stay-at-home mum said...

Is the blackberry pearl a new model?? Pass it on to Rachel or Chris. I am sure they will be thrilled!!

Hubby still uses the Blackberry bold as well ... occupational gadget.

The itouch is very much like the ipod, only more functions and is a touch screen.

JoMel said...

I also don't know what's the difference between all the "i" products, but I am very happy with my iphone.. and the countless games and interactive stuff that I download into it! This is by far, the most advanced gadget I've ever owned in my lifetime! How pathetic. Hahahah...

cy.leow said...

Wah..lucky man lah! iPhone is too xpensive in NZ :( By the way, thanks for commenting in my blog; I take it that you were from Penang too?
Kind Regards - CY