Monday, March 9, 2009

Tough economic times ahead

Yes, everyday we read in the newspapers about the gloom and doom ahead. Times are bad, more jobs will be lost, unemployment will reach an all time high, etc

So what are we doing about it??

Should we be cutting down on expenditure? There is a school of thought that says that if we do cut down on our expenditure, the result will definitely be a recession? Why? People spend less, business make less, and that may result in laying off staff, and that in turn will result in people losing jobs and not having the money to spend. And a downward spiral will result with the economy going into a tailspin.

So to cut or not to cut expenditure. If we do not, and the unexpected happens, then we will be in trouble. Especially since hubby works in the sector where they are viewed with suspicion, and in an area where many have lost jobs. So for my family, I guess, we should try to cut back.

As for me, I am basically a low maintenance person. I hardly spend on cosmetics. I rarely buy expensive clothess - I dress very simply. Things like petrol, which takes up a big portion of our budget, are non-negotiables for me ~ I have to fetch my kids!!

The biggest expenditure for my family would be food. That is something we do not stinge on, in fact sometimes I think we spend a bit too much over there. But it is something my hubby enjoys. So in appreciation for the hard work he puts in all week to bring home the bacon, we are definitely not cutting down in that area.

In fact, I am generally fairly careful with most of my expenditure. So how? I guess my little luxuries will have to go ~ the not so often foot reflex session, or the infrequent massage and pedicure. I will have to stretch my hair colouring to maybe once in 10 to 12 weeks instead of the usual 8 weeks.

Are you cutting back?


Yan said...

Probably, I have to reduce my spending on books and magazines!

Have changed my basic skin care products to much cheaper brand, but reasonably good.

Also changed my hair care products to basic.

Clothes also to bare necessities.

No more handbags.

Also reduce drastically on home cook meals - one soup, a vege plus one meat or fish. Also eat cheaper rice.

On travelling, using budget airline, using bus over taxi, staying in moderate hotel (also on company trips).

No more foot reflex sessions or massage sessions - this is cut because I feel very healthy after reducing weight and keeping regular exercise.

And no facial - at least a year plus, still my face glows, I feel so.

A long list....

But, I have lost nothing. Instead, I gain much.

So, women, happy cutting back!

Yan said...

One more, just hopped over from another blog talking about the polyclinic being opened at night!

And ... go to the government clinics instead of private ones. Which I think I have only the luxury to do so when I retire. I have said many a time that when I retire, I would pick a book, a reading glass and sit at government clinics' waiting room and wait patiently for my number to be called.

bp said...

not easy, not easy at all... we are already quite pared down as it is, and I wait for sales to shop for the kids' clothes and sometimes do manage to get some really good bargains, like few dollars for a top or bottom! and walmart and target works just fine, without having to go for anything over the top.

but you're right that if we curb our individual spending, it's not going to help the economy to pick up.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Yan
Thanks for the sharing. I guess I should also cut back on books and mags - esp thsoe that I buy for the pictures .. cookbooks and food mags. Must find soemone to share with.