Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating in the Dark

No there wasnt a power outage. Yet we ate in the dark. We celebrated MIL's birthday over the weekend at a "high-end" Japanese Restaurant in one of the top hotels here.

What I cant understand is why the lighting in the restaurant is sooooo DARK. It is the same whether it is lunch or dinner there.

I chose a seat under a light, as I had brought some books to occupy Little D during the dinner. Even under the spotlight, I had to squint at times to read some of the smaller words. (OK - my presbyopia could be a contributing factor!)

If you look at the photo above, it was under the spotlight and the glow from the candles illuminated the photo quite a bit. So can you imagine how dark it really was just two steps away?

I really cant understand this dim lighting!! Why dont they want people to have a good look at the meal they have just served them? or could the reason be that there are people who dont want others to see who they are dining with?

More likely, they want us to miss looking at the exhorbitant amount they charged!! What do you think?


NomadicMom said...

Maybe more of for people who bring DATES that are "mm kinn takk kwong" kind... you know what I mean?

Stardust said...

Oh... the lighting doesn't appeal to me either, if it's really that dark. Was the food good anyway? =P

Your mention of chill&pepper crab is driving me crazy! zzz

pretzel said...

inagiku? =)

the tepanyaki section not so dark, ya?

stay-at-home mum said...

Nomadic - Really I dont think that many of that kind go there.

Stradust - Yes the food was good

Pretzel - yes =) But becoz we were a big group. we ate in the dining hall which was really that dark!

bp said...

More romantic lah...

what a wonderful way to celebrate your MIL's b'day! Sweet D has the sweetest smiles =)