Friday, March 6, 2009

Hair color

Have seen the ads in the papers and have been very tempted. The ad says that they can treat premature aging of hair colour ... I guess that means that if the hair turns grey before you are old, they can correct the problem.

I would like to think that THAT is my problem. I really hate having to colour my hair every 8 weeks. I think my biggest mistake was colouring my hair in the first place. Coz, after 8 weeks, there will be about 2 inchces of original hair colour (black) whilst the rest is a deep brownish black, not counting the stray strands of partially white in between. IMO, it looks so ugly!! But how to wait it out till all of it is the same colour - that would take 6 months (and the stray whites will still be there)!! Cant imagine having horrible looking hair for that long!!

My daughter made an observation. She said: Did you notice, Mum? The older the woman, the redder her hair!!

Hmmm, some truth to that coz MILs hair is almost burgundy! As for me, I always tell the hairdresser that I want it as close to black as possible. hee! hee! see I am not THAT old!

BTW - what's with these hairdressers - they like to colour your hair as far from black as they can get! Must be because,they want you back 8 weeks later to colour again to get rid of that two tone hair colour!!

So, what do you think? Try out this treatment for premature aging of hair, wait out 6 months, or pamper myself every 8 weeks at the hairdresser?

BTW, My girl wants me to have colour it either purple or green!!


iml said...

From my observation, esp women who starts dyeing their hair regularly in the mid thirties, will start to have more grey hair than their counterparts who never had their hair dyed. I may be wrong but that is what I noticed.

TripleJin said...


I haven't dyed my hair in... 20 months! Then again, I've been dye-ing my hair since I was 15. No thanks to Dad's genes. So...all I have now are grey, white, black, brown and... something in between!

I love it! ;)

FAD MOM said...

i've only dyed my hair once in my whole life. my hair is very fine and the colour doesn't get into my hair. and i worry about it dropping. but i really admire those who have nicely coloured and beautiful healthy looking hair.

my dear friend has her hair coloured in many colours from maroon, hazel, some tints of blue or even green.. but they look awesome on her because of her height and she has persona and charactor. but me, nope i think i'll look terrible.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi IML, just go pamper yourself every 8 weeks.
And thats how hairdressers make money.

But you'll be surprised some women do look glamourous with grey hair...

Anyway, you have fun, keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

NomadicMom said...

I started dyeing my hair when my son commented "Mom. You have more white hair than grandma!".
But I usually use a dark that it doesn't look so obvious when my hair grows longer...

Stardust said...

I've got my hair highlighted in strands of less loud colors. So they make a pass after months, not too awful looking.

I shun hair color mainly to avoid chemical. If you've seen the poor hands of stylists.

Don't! Don't do bizarre purple/green! Asian skin never goes with those colors. Do you hate your original hair color?

bp said...

hahaha, i wonder what colour S or D will choose for themselves?

how ah? to colour or not to colour... i also have more strands of white already =(

stay-at-home mum said...

I started colouring my hair only in my 40s, but I still have lots of grey!!

Mott - if and when I do colour my hair purple, I will send you a photo. But maybe, you try 1st la!!

Fad Mom - rainbow coloured hair?? Not me!!

Uncle Lee - I'm SAHM - not IML - looks like you made more than one wrong turn!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Nomadic - I also use a dark brown, but there is still a difference, leh!

Stardust - no, I dont hate my poriginal hair colour. it was a moment of weakness when the hairdresser suggested I colour my hair that I succumbed!

- some people say the stray strands of white make us look more distinguished. But I am not convinced!!