Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I remember ....

... when I was young, I would always listen out for the ice-cream man's bell in the afternoons and then pestering my grandma to buy me an ice-cream. She didnt oblige everyday, but usually would on sundays. That was the highlight for me. My favourite was the chocolate in between 2 pieces of wafers. My mum on the other hand would not eat anything except the eskimo pie. Occasionally I would have the "blur blob" ice-cream, and when grandma had a wind-fall, like striking lottery or chap-ji-kee, we would all have a drum stick each - what a treat!!

As we grew older, we were given ice-cream treats at the Magnolia snack bar at Capitol or the Cold storage in Orchard road. I would have either the banana split (coz then I would get 3 scoops of ice-cream) or the peach melba!!

Into my teen years, my 2 best friends and I would go out to celebrate our birthdays together. On each of our special days, we would go to swensen's and order one Firehouse Happy birthday! The birthday girl would blow out the candle on the cake and the three of us would then tuck into it!

When I first started work, Baskin Robbins had just arrived on our shores with their thirty-one-derful flavours. And guess what, on 31 Dec, I was told to do the stock take for one of the baskin robbins outlet! What a treat! I was given a scoop of my choice after the stock-take!!

Hubby and I then moved to New York, and we were introduced to the wonderful world of Haagen Daazs and Ben and Jerry's. We talked about bringing the franchise to Singapore, as we saw the great potential it had. But unfortunately we did not have the money nor the right connections to bring the franchise here.

Ice cream is something that we have in our fridge all the time. In these belt tightening times, I have told my children that they have to learn to eat other brands of ice-cream instead of just Haagen Daazs. In fact I find some of the local ice-cream palours here sell pretty interesting ice cream flavours, at slightly more affordable prices. I have even considered buying my own ice-cream making machine. But, I am afraid that it will end up a white elephant!

Ice-cream has always featured in the "good times" of my life, and it is a comfort food for me. I love anything chocolate. What's your favourite??

(PS - This post was inspired by the ice-cream article in a local magazine).


Yan said...

Ice-cream is not my kind of food, but I would love to have an ice-stick on a hot day. That was long, long time back.

Then, my children love to make milo ice-cubes. I won't refuse a cube if offered!

I can't remember when was the last time I have an ice-cream of ice-stick!

Stardust said...

If you ever come to Jap again, do try the local ice cream too. Nothing fancy like Haagen Daaz ( we have HD also ), but the local flavours that flow with the season is satisfying. Do try anything macha + azuki. Lovely!

stay-at-home mum said...

Oooh Yan, I love those flavoured home made ice pops too!! esp in this weather!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust
Yes, i tried them in Hokkaido!! My kids and hubby simply love green tea ice cream. And I really enjoy the black sesame!

NomadicMom said...

Ooooo. I lurve ice-creams.
I remember the ice-cream man that comes over to my grandma's house....with the ice-cream in the bread ones. Also remember Magnolia milk in the triangle packs.. (err...but this has nothing to do with ice-cream hor??)

I used to be able to eat ONE whole tub of Haagan Daaz but now, "lau liow"... one scoop many and I'll be kneeling at the porcelain throne. :-)

iml said...

Ice-cream to me means banana split. When we go for a western dinner, dad would always order this dessert to share. Strawberry and green tea are my favourite.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Nomadic
Yes, too many scoops and the it does no good to our waistline too!

stay-at-home mum said...

Banana split means 3 scoops of different flavoured ice-cream, and that was the ultimate for us in those days!! Nowadays, it seems like no big deal to our kids ... my kids at least.

bp said...

Yummm, like you, we always have icecream in our freezer also, and store brands are OK... unless there's a sale, and down here can be quite ridiculous, e.g. a tub of Edy's can swing from $7 regular price to $3+ when it's on sale... and that's when I grab it lah!

Thanks for the memories... I remember the small scoops of icecream sandwiched between soft yellow bread from the n'bourhood icecream man! Of course, I would just be eyeing the icecream ;p