Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Talk, talk, talk

A favourite past-time of many. Some take it too far and gossip!

When we were young, we talked to our friends about toys, books, parents, siblings.

Then when we became teenagers and young adults, the talk moved on to music,teachers, members of the opposite sex, work.

After matrriage, it was about kids, holidays, and more about your kids.

Now I am at the age that I talk to my friends about our health ... or rather our ailments!

As we age more and more body parts and organs seem to break down. We hear of people having diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure problems, knee problems, hearing problems, eye problems, etc. I guess it is with use and abuse that we get inflicted with some of these ailments. Sometimes when it hits us at a younger age. We could have been born with it, or just the luck of the draw, we are the lucky/unlucky ones to have it. I have also noticed that those that have drawn the short straw, seem to have more than one problem. Could it be that all are organs/body parts are somehow connected, that when one breaks down there is a domino effect?

I dont know. But I noticed the following:
My brother-in-law - allergic to grass and dirt, appendix removed due to inflammation, hepatitis carrier, eye problem, now with gallstones.

My sister - tonsils removed, fibroids, gallstones.

Well, good health is currently not on my side either. I had ovarian cyst removed some years back. Breast lumps which has to be monitored due to family history of breast cancer. High cholesterol. Now gallstones.

What should I do? Remove my gallbladder? The gastroenterologist I see suggests : no, because there are other effects as a result. When I suggested removing the stones but not the gallbladder, she mentioned that the stones will come back. I then asked about medication that can dissolve the stones. She mentioned that the effect of that can be quite painful and she doesnt recommend it. She said to change my diet, and adopt a wait and see. If inflammation occurs, then surgery is a must. So she mentioned, remove it only if I really have to. That decision I am quite happy with.

I have spoken to friends, and I think removing the gallbladder isnt a cure-all. Some experience a in-out effect with food, and I dont think I can live with that. How do we travel and lead an active life with that? Some others have recommended some home-remedies to flush out those stones. But upon further research, I have read that the diet for flushing it out could also have other effects. Especially if the stones are big, they could be stuck in the bile duct in the flushing process. And that will definitely result in certain surgery.

But when I mentioned it to the doctor taking care of those lumps in my breast he recommended instant removal. He used to do surgery for gallbladders and mentioned that once you have symptoms you should remove it, coz chances of it flaring up is high, and you do not want to be caught with an infection when you least expect it. He does have a point there. He thinks that I should really go back and talk to my gastroenterologist about it.

So because of speaking to more than one doctor, I am now in a dilemma: to remove or not to remove? The thought of having to remove it send shivers down my spine. I dont want other problems as a result of removing it. I read somewhere that sometimes, after removal of the gallbladder, diabetes can result!

After all that has transpired I have come to the conclusion that a little knowledge can prove dangerous!! It affects our decisions, and it strikes fear (warranted or not) in our hearts. And this chicken heart cant take it.

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Stardust said...

Alamak... should I start worrying cos I'm always skipping my yearly health examination?

So have you decided what to do? I know of plenty of people who decide to let things rather than forking out the sum for their own good. Some homes just can't afford that. If you can, why not? Discuss with your doc carefully before you decide. Take care my friend.