Monday, April 23, 2012

Electronic Distractions

Shame on me! I havent been reading much this past 6 months.

I was clearing my mail basket looking for some documents when I came across all my copies of my Readers Digest. They were unopened. These magazines have always followed me everywhere I go. They used to be my constant companion. Anytime I had a couple of minutes to spare, I would read an article or two.

But since I got hooked on my ipad and the games on it, namely Draw Something, Unblock, Lets Tans and Smuf, just to name a few, I have not been reading, (apart from the daily newspapers).

So here we go nagging the kids about spending too much time on electronic devices, and here we ar4e setting a  BAD, BAD example. I must admit, those games are addictive.

So I resolve to spend less time on that gadget and get back to my reading.

Can I do it?
Like I always tell my kids, there's no such thing as Cannot.
I can, I will and I must.

1 comment:

ilene ong said...

Sure it's addictive isn't it? I just hope when you start to read, your mind doesn't wonder off to the iPad! :)