Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Crabby Crab

I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. So that makes me a crab, tough on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.

This crab has been feeling really crabby, and wants to crawl into its very own crab hole and shut the rest of the world out.

This crab doesnt know what to do, what questions to ask, what course of action to recommend, how to evaluate the best course of action to take, not what to say.

This crab would like to be able to pinch with its pincer and chase the enemy away. But it cant and doesnt know how!

But it still has to be strong, and put up a brave front. It's a role reversal now.

This crab is feeling this way because of that dreaded C.
(no, I do not have that dreaded C)


bp said...

HUGS, HUGS, HUGS my dear.

I'm here, is it ok if I just sit down with you... to scream, cry, let it out...

Take good care, praying with you.

Stardust said...

Huh? What's going on? So sorry not being able to be there for you.. :( What could that C I wonder, hope heaps of it fall upon you soon!

My baby crab is getting good with his pincer skill lately, so much so that he often pinches where his source of milk is. Have a laugh.