Monday, May 14, 2012

Living to a ripe old age

Both my grandmothers lived to a ripe old age ... beyond 90, and I was lucky to have had time with them. My grandfathers on the other hand both passed on before I was even born.

Just this past week, my husband lost his maternal grandmother. She had no major health issues except for her partial blindness cause by glaucoma, and weak knees. She led a healthy life, with simple food and prayer, not having seen a doctor for any health problems for more than 10 years (apart from the eye doctor). She was unfortunate to have caught the flu bug from her helper, which we believe may have caused her demise.

When we tried getting a doctor to come see her, as she was nursing a fever, most said they did not make house calls. Others said they only did house calls for their regular patients. Fortunately I remembered that an old school friend of mine had a husband who is a doctor. So I tried my luck. He came by to see her, only because of friendship sake. Looks like something really needs to be done to our healthcare system, especially with our aging population. It proves that if you have always been healthy, and have no need for a regular doctor, it will be very difficult to get one when you finally need one.

Due to her age, nothing much could be done, apart from treating her fever, which seemed reluctant to go away despite the medication. After 2 days, our uncles and aunties felt it was best to send her to the hospital. Surprisingly, she did not resist. She left for the hospital at around 5pm and that very night, at just past 11, she moved on to join her late husband.

A life of 97 years, with children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren!! No major illness, and passed on peacefully in her sleep. What more can anyone ask for? Much as we are sad to have her leave us, I believe we should be celebrating the wonderful life that she lived!

When its my turn to meet my maker, I would truly like to do it her way!

Rest in peace, Grandma! Eternal Rest grant unto her O Lord!


Stardust said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your family.. not sure if 'sorry ' is the word to use for honestly, what a ripe old age she has lived to and passing on in peace, surrounded by loved ones.

Charmaine said...

Eternal rest grant unto her (your hubby's maternal grandma), may she rest in peace. She truly lived to a grand old age with family around. What a blessing!

pattycakes said...

what a lovely way to have lived and then passed on painlessly
we all wish it would be that way
have a nice day :)