Thursday, May 17, 2012

Secret Party

I believe she had been planning it for a while behind my back.

She only informed me the day her exams ended. In fact immediately after school, she couldnt wait to tell me that her friends "forced" her to host a party for them.

I was like: hmmm ... tell me more.

That she couldnt wait to do!

Her group of friends were going to come over to play this Sunday. And for those whose parents couldnt send them, I was to go pick them. And that's 2 of them. One at Upper Bulit Timah, and the other, I was to call her friend's mum for instructions on how to get to their place.

And why cant their parents send them. Because they live too far!!

And then she passed me a note from her friend with her address and phone number, including instructions on how to get to her home, and a map to boot!!

How could that have been planned in school after their last exam paper?

And then I had parents messaging me to ask if the "play date" was confirmed?

I was like: NO way!! I had to apologise to the parents that we were not able to host this weekend.

I really cant. We have had a long week, with Grandma's passing and funeral.

In addition, D herself has a performance this saturday evening, my two other children have open houses at their schools this saturday which they would be busy helping out, a dental appointment for teeth molds to be made for my son (he needs braces!!), on saturday too, and we are doing registration for cathecism next year at church this weekend for which I am helping out (since I couldnt help out last week due to Grandma's death),... and we all would like some do nothing except bump around time!!

AND, she also added that there was a friend who couldnt make it on Sunday, and so was coming the next day!!

Well, this morning when I dropped her off at school, I told her to tell all her friends that there was no party today, nor this weekend. We would let them know when we are organising one, and I would be the one that decides the day and time! No planning behind my back and without my knowledge.

Looks like this little one is going to be a handful when she grows older.