Friday, May 11, 2012

Dont fight!

That is something we frequently tell our kids.

Coz it breaks a Mum's heart when she sees her kids fighting!!

Just this morning, I reminded my little one to put on her watch before going to school. Her answer to me was: Why must I?

Had me scratching my head, coz everytime she forgets to put on her watch, she will moan and grumble about forgetting it. On top of that she has an exam today. SO I told her that it would help her tell the time and she would be able to pace herself for her exam.

She retorted: The classroom has a clock!

I have a feeling she got out on the wrong side of bed and was spoiling for a fight with me!! Dont you think?

Many recent cases of teens and young adults fighting over here in the little red dot. When they are unhappy with anything, they fight. Deaths have resulted. Young lives lost. More than one, coz one gets killed, and those that did it lose their life too (death sentence). So, fighting does no one any good.

So what I would recommend is: Go punch a sack, go run a mile (or two or even ten), go listen to some music, go shut yourself up in the room (clamp up), go eat some dessert,go scrub the toilet, mop the floor, iron some clothes, just go do something else. Just dont fight!! These are all better alternatives to fighting!!

And I also remind my son you dont have to fight to be a man. Real men are sensitive, compassionate, kind and thoughtful!

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