Friday, November 13, 2009

More healthy eats

Mil was advised by her personal physician to try to eat more healthily - ie - to switch to brown rice, wholemeal bread, more salad, fruits and vegetables. Not that she is not healthy - her recent blood test showed that cholesterol levels are within acceptable levels, and there were no "warning signs" for any of her other tests. She walks twice a day for more than half an hour each time, has oats for breakfast at least twice a week, eats lots of veg compared to me, and she is still trying to improve on that! So I have no choice but to "jia you" too:

Here's what I had for lunch yesterday.

Fried rice with ginger, kailan stems, small silver fish and egg, garnished with Japanese seasoning. I must say that the crunchy kailan stems added more fibre to my otherwise normal fried rice!!

In an effort to have more fresh vegetable/fruit in our diet, we have now decided to have a salad included in our dinner every evening. The salad last evening was:

Pomelo and cucumber salad.

And if you would like to give it a try, here's what that went into this salad:

Cucumber (sliced thinly)
Small red onions
Peanut (crushed)
Red chilli (chopped)

And for the seasoning:
Lemon Juice
Fish sauce



JoMel said...

the pomelo salad looks interesting.. frankly though, I prefer japanese cucumber to our local variety. it's sweeter and more crunchy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks great!

Stardust said...

Jap seasoning works out anything doesn't it?

Vege is a regular for us, but I've never liked salad or raw vege, wish I'm less Chinese.. Thumbs up for your effort.

bp said...

cheers to healthy eating, health is wealth, yah! i can easily "wallop" up that yummy fried rice, and your salad dishes must be delish!

is the pomelo one what you had told me abt awhile ago when i was wondering what dish to make for that fundraiser? thanks for sharing it!