Thursday, December 3, 2009

Short Stopover

Just got back from a short trip to Perth, 9 days actually.

Wonderful weather, relaxing time. Caught up with some former school mates. Good bonding time with the children. Not much rush or hassle as we are familiar with the place.

Now home for a "short stop-over". Well it seems like it to me.

Yes, we have decided to take a trip to Paris as well since my son is going to be there. But there seems to be so many things to do during the short-stop back home. Laundry, shopping, vaccinations, packing, eating the local food, etc. Sometimes I wonder how the flight crew do it - a few days here, a few days there, and then they are off again. As for me, I find it most tiring. Maybe thats why I never considered being an air-stewardess.

Well, au revoir, until I get back from France.


doc said...

bon voyage!

iml said...

Have FUN!!!

Bengbeng said...

post pics of France from yr eyes... for us?

Stardust said...

Have plenty of fun! and please please please please please show some pictures of Paris! Miss the place..

bp said...

caught your update earlier but didn't manage to leave a comment. i hope you all are having a fantabulous time! the lourve, effiel tower, etc etc etc... what's not to like about paris?! :)

i will love to catch your travel tales when u come back! *mwaah mwaah* for now (that's bp doing the cheek2cheek with sahm, hehe ;p)

NomadicMom said...

Happy Holidays!

Son on school trip is it?

Constance Chan said...

have a good trip SAHM!

Stardust said...

You're back? HUGS!

Can't wait to see your sharing! Merry Christmas in advance!!