Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trying to be healthy

Yes, I have put on weight again!! Sigh. Previously I would have been very happy to put on weight coz most of my life I had been underweight - blame it on my high metabolic rate.

But not of late. I think I am now at the healthy BMI range, and any more weight gain, would do me no good, hence the need to NOT put on anymore weight.

So in an effort to maintain my weight, and in an effort to help hubby lose some weight, this was what I dished out yesterday:

A healthy salad!! This is a meal in a dish and here's the recipe:

Grilled chicken breast
Lettuce (tossed in ranch dressing)
Red capsicum
Mixed Beans
Monterey Jack Cheese
Wanton strips (fried)

Bon Appetit!


Yan said...

Yummy! Jia yu, my son says JY!

I eat a little more these days, but keep my gym activities - so have been maintaining the same weight for the past two weeks!

Stardust said...

Diet plans have never worked for me, I'm the type who has to MOVE to shed it. Heheh, envious that you don't have to do it the hard way. Yay!

Constance Chan said...

i lost weight recently due to work and guess no diets ever worked for me so this is the only solution...

but your recipe sounds like yummy.. the wanton strips, cheese...boy, this is making me soooo hungry.