Sunday, November 8, 2009

Instant Noodles anyone?

Exams are over, Yippee!! And the kids wanted to play, YAY!

Well, my son invited a few .. ok, not a few, but a whole lot of them, over for a "play date". Actually more like a "belated party for my son since he didnt get to celebrate his birthday with his friends coz it was during the exams. They were going to come over for a soccer game (in my garden) followed by more soccer games on the X-box.

In preparation for it, I asked him what his friends would like to eat for dinner. I was thinking of having a BBQ, or something along those lines, since it was a group of boys (read: meat eaters), who from my past experience, would rather not eat coz they just want to play. You see, the last time they were here, many just wolfed down their food really quickly, or just took a courtesy bite just so they could get back to their game. So I thought that if it was a BBQ, they would be out in the garden, away from the x-box machine and be forced to eat. And, in the night, it would be too dark for them to run around the garden! I would feel really bad (like I did the last time,) if they were to go home without eating much. Why? Imagine them telling their parents that they were hungry, and their parents would think that I had no food for them!!

So, my son went around asking them what they would like to have for dinner when they came over. To my horror, my son came home and told me that the unanimous decision was that they all wanted instant noodles!! I was like "WHAT??!!?? How can I just serve your friends instant noodles for dinner? What would their parents think??!!"

Horrors! *Shudders!* - I dont normally allow my children to have instant noodles, tho they ask me quite frequently for it. I feel that it is not very nutritious (even when we add in an egg)!! I also feel that it contains too much msg (tho I am told that there are some now sold that do not contain any msg at all).

Anyway, I ended up serving them chicken nuggets (which I also think is not very healthy), fishballs, pizza and hot dogs. I must say that this time round the boys ate quite well, and enjoyed the food!

But, honestly, would you serve your children's friends instant noodles?? And would you be aghast if your kids came home from a party and told you that they were served that for dinner at their friends house??


Ling That's Me said...

Just cook the instant noodle without using the MSG packet.

My kids often see me having instant noodles and they requested their granny to cook for them. I dont really fancy the idea but MIL cooked the noodle for them without putting the packet.

stay-at-home mum said...

Erm ...but they LOVE the soup with the MSG. Sometimes when I do let them have it, and put less of the sachet of MSG - they complain!!

Stardust said...

Yeah, I can't do that too! Think you've prepared a better spread for the boys.

JoMel said...

yes I would! You know that Indomee goreng? It's served dried, tossed in its sauces. The kids love them! Of course, there's variety, so the instant noodles won't really stand out. Eh? :)

TripleJin said...

Actually I do. But with a healthy spin. I use the Maggi Mee, with my own Chicken stock. Add in carrots, Fish Cake (the only no-no here), green vege (choy sum/pak choy) and minced meat.

Add in shallots..and it's super delicious! Sometimes I even forget to season the, it's saltless...and they still love it!

But when mama eats's super laden with MSG...HEEE HEEE HEEEE...