Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Olympic Day - Goal!

The Youth Olympic games is just some 9 months away, and the countdown has already begun. As part of the run-up to it, many schools, as part of their post-exam activities, are holding Olympic Days - well both of my children's school had it. They play games which will be contested during the up-coming YOG, on an inter-class level.

Well, my son represented his class for a soccer game against another class. Let me share with you a beautiful goal he scored.

During the match, he saw an opportunity to score a goal, so he went for it and kicked as hard as he could. He was not wearing his soccer boots but his new pair of school shoes which we had bought just the week before. As the shot went towards the goal, the goal keeper lunged and caught ... my son's shoe - which had come off his foot ... and the ball rolled into Goal!!

Yoohoo! That was definitely the moment of the match and goal of the day!!


JoMel said...

roftl!! hahahah! nice one! :D

bp said...

hahaha, great goal indeed! n i'm excited for N abt the "tour de france"... and oui, oui, also think he'd better learn the cheek2cheek, but not the erm french-kiss, hoohoohoo! (i'll catch u later, not quite had the chance to "recover" from another exhausting home-alone with the kids... thank u SAHM for coming by, for caring, it always helps with my sanity!)

Stardust said...

WOW! Must be a lot more thrilling to watch in person!