Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 kids and a kite

Little D came home with a kite from school. That got her and her brother all excited.

They wanted to go out to fly the kite, but I told them that there was no wind, so the kite wouldnt be able to fly. Little D answered that she could stand next to her brother and blow!!

I then explained to her that blowing wouldnt work coz you needed at least a breeze to carry the kite up, and just blowing wasnt strong enough.

10 mins later, I had two kids running around outside the house. One with a kite behind him, and the other following behind him with a fan, fanning desperately trying to create the "wind" necessary to get the kite up in the sky.

A pity I did not have my camera handy! It was quite a hilarious sight.


iml said...

This is what you call innovation in the making. Neccesity the mother of invention.

doc said...

never under-estimatte a kid's determination!

JoMel said...

hahaha! They are so innocent!

bp said...

=) so cute, so resourceful! u may have to drive to east coast park or somewhere breezy?!

Stardust said...

Aww... little D... =)