Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vroom Vroom

I remember a year ago this week. All of Singapore was abuzz with the excitement of the 1st F1 night race in Singapore, and traffic around the city was dead-locked at most junctions.

Friends were comparing invites, tickets bought, and pavilions they were invited to, to watch the race. My only connection to that week was my son's Godparents, travelling down from New York for it. They had originally planned to come down for my son's first Holy Communion (which was held a week before the races), but when his Godfather's boss heard about it, they decided to send him down for the F1 to entertain their Asian clients, as their bank was one of the sponsors for one of the teams. What a blessing, an all expense paid trip!

For those of us without tickets, and not willing to part with our hard-earned cash for live action, we witnessed it all on TV, which, if you ask me, may have been better. We got to watch the race in entirety, with replays of parts of interest - eg Massa driving off from the pit-stop before the re-fillers disengaged the fueling nozzle.

This year, there seems to be less excitement over the whole event. There is not much talk about getting tickets for the event, except for the high society ones. Traffic around the city is just as jammed. As for me and my family, it will be status quo, where we will watch it all on TV again. Yes, we will still be screaming our voices hoarse for our favourite drivers. will you?


iml said...

Somehow, this year, it has lost it's glitter. Like you, we too prefer to just watch over the telly.

Stardust said...

Yo! Who's your fav driver? Mine? Hamilton! YAY!!

I'll be joining you screaming here, cos we're watching it live! NAHAHAHAH!!! Pretty excited!

stay-at-home mum said...

Mines Hamilton too!! But others in the family will be cheering for other drivers.

Stardust said...

HAMILTON WON!!!!!!!! WEEEHEE!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, Jp didn't show it live, 2 hours later actually. Still, it was good to see SG on tv, I dreamt of SG and friends that entire night. =P

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes! Hamilton won!! Next stop, Japan. Lets hope he wins again!!

And I dream of Japan and the Japanese food there.