Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brave no more!

Not sure if it comes with age, but recently, I have found that I am no longer as brave as I was before.

In my younger days, I would not hesitate any death-defying stunt ... ok, maybe not death defying, but similarly daring stunts. Like, I wouldnt think twice about going on a roller-coaster, any roller coaster for that matter. These rides would see me joining the queue for it. And many times, I would do anything to be in the front seat - where of course, its more thrilling, coz you dont have any heads in front of you.

But recently, that has not been the case. When I was at Movie World in Gold coast a couple of years ago, somehow, even tho the Superman ride looked super thrilling, it just wasnt compelling for me to ride it. Even the speed boat ride (to the Tengku Abdul Rahman National Park in June) had my heart thumping super fast!! Now even going on the cable car or a chair lift, I would have my heart in my mouth and a prayer on my lips.

Why? How did I turn into such an "unbrave" person (dont want to use the word "coward" here!) overnight? I dont know. Maybe it comes with "maternal responsibilites". How to put my life at risk when I have young dependants? I sure hope that's the reason, or maybe, I have just grown up!


Stardust said...

Err.. I've developed similar symptoms too, just that I've yet said a prayer. I thought it got to do with age. =( For your case, I guess it's your kids that are holding you back.

Just be glad that you've enjoyed your fair share of rides during your lifetime! =)

iml said...

Never a fan of the rides, scare of heights.

JoMel said...

when I was a teenager, I loved the rollercoasters, and every terrifying rides in a theme park. Then, I read of stories.. of roller coaster derailing, and stuff, or how could I not be spooked? I am a coward.

bp said...

agree with u, think a lot has to do with your bigger responsibility now with the brood to think abt. but it's not a bad thing, n maybe when D is old enough to try the more daring rides that may be offlimits to her now, u will rediscover your more adventurous self all over agn?!