Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giant Lollipop

Who would buy a lollipop as big as that?

Guess what? My daughter came home from school one day with a lolli that size (diameter of approx 10 inches). Her teacher had given it to her as a reward because she was the only player in the school team that won all her games during a recent tournament.

I was puzzled. Why would a teacher buy something like that for children? Are there no other more suitable rewards?? Maybe I am being too harsh.

Even before she came home with that lolli, we had seen it in a shop, and my kids got all excited. As some of you already know, my children have a very strict dentist that does not encourage the eating of candy and a fairly strict Mum that does not believe in unnecessary visits to the dentist, and dreads hyperactivity in children caused by sugar overload.

I reasoned with them, that with a lolli that size, it wouldnt even fit into their mouths. Furthermore, you would never ever be able to finish licking it in the 5 minutes alloted by the dentist on lolli days. The lolli would then end up in the bin, and it would be an utter waste of money.

So we did not spend our money foolishly on it.

But I really hate it when people give HUGE candy to my kids. Even if its relatives. I will tell them that if they want to spend money on such gifts, its better that they contribute to my children's dentist fund. (PS - small candies and chocolates are fine, but not wastefully large ones that have nothing in them but loads of cavity causing sugar which makes kids hyperactive!)

Naturally, that giant lolli is sitting somewhere in one of the drawers uneaten (unless the ants have gotten to it), and I tell my kids it makes a good "spanker"!

Would you buy a giant candy like that for your child?


TripleJin said...

I too think it's a big waste of money....n does terrible things to the teeth.

My kids can beg and plea all they want..but, all they'll get is many many many NOs!!! ;)

stay-at-home mum said...

I like that Mott!!

iml said...

I have learnt my lesson. Forbidden fruits taste the sweetest. When presented with lollipops, they get 5 mins of twirl round the mouth or licks in your case, then it goes to the fridge until next time. Guess what after a while, it's forgotten :-)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey iml
once in contact with saliva, its best to throw it away. The interaction with it can cause some bacteria to breed. Ditto for bottled water.

iml said...

Oops! thank goodness nothing happened. They have now gone past the lollipop stage.

JoMel said...

hahaha.. I like that - "it makes a good spanker!"

No, I will not buy a giant candy like that. It's empty calories with no nutritional value!

pretzel said...

and that giant chuppa chups is not cheap! The candy shop @ the airport is selling S$28 each.

stay-at-home mum said...

hi Pretzel
Didnt realise it was that expensive!! Anyway, I would never spend good money on that.