Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflections of a Class reunion

I attended a gathering last Saturday nite with trepidation, not knowing what to expect. It was a class reunion ... a 30 year reunion!! I was initially unsure even about going, but after much pestering from some closer friends, I eventually decided to join them.

About a hundred of us got together that balmy evening. From the very start there were a lot of "You look so familiar!!" "How are you?" and "My! You look exactly the same!" Of course there were lots of hugging and screaming as well!! Sometimes the name rang bell but not the face. Sometimes, it was the other way around. Fortunately the organisers gave us all name tags in LARGE Fonts!!

Present were doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, engineers, professors, army personnel, HR managers, Financial consultants, actresses, singers, a lone grandmother, many, many mums and some swinging singles too!! And not forgetting an NMP in our midst, who bared her fangs by teaching the young photographer how to take photos!!

There was a lone gentleman in the room, looking as lost as ever. No, he had not strayed into the wrong gathering, and no, none of the girls had gone for a sex change. It also wasnt a suspicious husband or boyfriend keeping tabs on one of us at the dinner. It was the ONLY male teacher to pass thru those Convent gatess, and he gladly showed up that evening to catch up with us girls!

Ties were renewed that evening, and the school song sung once again, with much gusto. I must say, I was glad to remember all the words to the school song, tho I had not sung it for 30 years. It definitely brought back lots of fond memories.

The teachers who used to tower over us, as we cowered in fear, were actually not as tall and intimidating that night. Not sure if they shrank or we grew!! Many said that I had "grown"!! OK, I was one of the smallest-sized girls in my year, but NOW, I am on par in size with many. heh! heh! Dont mess with me. I am no more the small girl, they remembered me as. Many said they would have no problem recognising me anywhere if they were to meet me on the streets!

So, what did I think of the reunion? It was great catching up with people I have not seen for a long, long time. Some were really friendly, even though we were not that close when we were in school. Some whom I was quite "close" to in school, were however not as warm that night. Was it me, or was it them? I dont know. Maybe it is because I am no longer in a high-flying profession, and they are just too "atas". (I would like to think the problem is with them!!)

Anyway, the friends from then that really matters to me, I was already in close touch with before the reunion. Whilst it was nice to catch up with some others, I left feeling that I wouldnt have missed very much even if I had not been there. Some who I really wanted to meet up with were not there. So I guess, that contributed to the feeling, and the reason why I left early, even before the whole event ended.


iml said...

I understand your sentiments. For the same reason, I've been politely turning down reunions. Guess, I'm not prepared for all the 'atas' and professional talks while I can only listen not able to contribute.

Stardust said...

Sounds great to me, I wonder what holds me back for every reunion I was invited to. Glad you had a fine time. =)

Lena didn't watch Sesame street. Elmo where got testicles? =P

Yan said...

I for one do not go for such reunion. I told my best friend in school days that my "reunion" means meeting her - and I have been blessed to be able to meet her up once in a while! We both had a good laugh over that. I also said that only when the teacher who taught me English (now in India) comes, I shall go!

I really do not live much in the memories of my school days - when favouritism were practised by most teachers.

There were some very loving seniors who really took care of me while I struggled in my first year in secondary school in a totally stranger place! I remember them by names - each one of them.

bp said...

in a way, i'm glad u went, n thanks for sharing this, it's heartwarming to read. see, i was right abt your youthfulness =), n as for the "atas" class, guess we just leave them be. did u stay long enough for a group shot? might be nice to have, one for the album... just for memories -- now vs then!

Stardust said...

Wait a minute, what's 'atas'? =P

stay-at-home mum said...

atas = people who are high up there, equivalent to a VIP9?) vs us, mere mortals.

NomadicMom said...

Think the highlight of school reunions is to SING THE SCHOOL SONG!!!