Friday, August 21, 2009

Cookie Making

Been baking quite a bit recently.

My niece introduced me to the Brigette cookie-cutter, and when I bake my cookies now I can have messages on them. For National Day, I made "Singapore" cookies.

I even put the children's names on the cookies, so there is no fighting over who ate whose cookies.

I also use cookies to express my emotions:

Like yesterday, when the bankers, in order to keep my business assured me that something could be done .. BUT when it came to the execution, they fell short. Naturally I was upset and disappointed with their service!! Hence the above cookie!

Well, it looks like its Friday already. Time for a cookie riddle:

Two cookies were crossing the road when the first one was knocked down.

What did the other cookie say as he reached the pavement in safety?


Have a great weekend!!


Yan said...

That's great! And you can really make "neat" cookies - not me. My consultant said I am a very unorganized traveller when I said I needed to pick up a toothbrush from Watson just beside our hotel in Sandakan. He only carried a backpack, but he had a hat and even an umbrella!

stay-at-home mum said...

Guess the consultant is "Mr Eveready"!! he probably even had a pair of wellington boots in his backpack, just in case there was a flood!!

JoMel said...

hahahaha.. wellington boots! LOL!!

Well, it's a pretty neat equipment you have there. I can never bake such neat looking cookies too. Hehe

Stardust said...

Ok, that's quite a face for a cookie. Hope that all went well, and the cookie gets to smile soon. =P

No, no crumbs please!

bp said...

haha, shucks, n that bank encounter was not nice at all. but your "talking" cookies are so cool!