Saturday, August 1, 2009

A hippo in the family?

Any hippos in your family?? Well, there is more than one in ours.

Hubby's aunt (MIL's sister) came to the house one day, and we told the kids to address her as Ee Poh - meaning grant aunt in dialect.

Little D was puzzled and initially refused to address her. After much persuasion she did. Later she asked me, why was Grandaunt called "Hippo"? She's not big nor fat?

Then I realised she had misheard us, and was wondering why we had told her to address this grandaunt as "Hippo"!


iml said...

Sent this in to Readers' Digest 'As Kids See It'

Stardust said...


I often misheard my parents when I was very young, thus pronouncing words the 'misheard way' and made them worry a lot. It's funny recalling their confused faces. =P

bp said...

hahaha... the other day i said to the hubby not to let the "geen-na" have something, n the little boy promptly asked, "who is Geen-na?"! ;p

so, i'm guessing dialect is also yr secret code/lg when u don't want the geen-na's in on what the adults are saying?!