Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the preparations have begun ..

.. for teacher's day, that is.

Little D wanted to make her own Teacher's day cards for her teachers, and I encouraged her to do so. First I went to buy coloured paper. Then I cut them into smaller pieces. Next, she told me what she wanted to write on the card and I wrote out those words which she couldnt spell and the names of the teachers for her. Then she started to work on it.

This is the result:

When her sister saw what she had done, she commended her on the Smiley face that she drew.

"All's done, so please pack up," I told Little D.

"Wait Mum!" my older daughter said. "D is making a card for me."

"A teachers day card??" I said.

"She's said she's gonna make one with a HUGE smile for me," my daughter, S said.

And this was what little D made for her sister:

Quite a smart cookie, I must say, coz it wasnt a Teachers day card. And I LOVE that BIG cheeky smile on it!!


TripleJin said...

Oh yes! Love the teeth! Lol

iml said...

So adorable. I sometimes wonder if the teachers know how much effort & thoughts little children, esp the smaller ones, put into a simple card.

JoMel said...

she's perceptive. :)

Stardust said...

The card she made for her sis made me smile!! So cute!! =D

The words ' Dear Bakar ' cracked me up for a moment. As my brain operates naturally in a Japanese mode ' Dear Bakar ' means, ' Dear Stupid '. =P Don't tell little D!

bp said...

so well done, so thoughtful, n yes, i esp love that wide toothy grin D did specially for S! she's got lovely handwriting too!